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New Features! PAYG Classes & App Update
03 September 2020

New Features! PAYG Classes & App Update

You can now set up pay as you go classes and events in Coacha. This means that when a member books the class they will be asked to pay for that specific class or event. 

This is a great upgrade to our booking system and means that taking money for your classes has never been easier. You can even set multiple payment options. Linked to this we have updated our Registers System so that you can record cash payments directly in the register on bookable PAYG classes. 

You can also use this feature for one off events like seminars, special additional classes or similar!

Check out the Tutorial Video below to see how this looks for you and your members. 




Coacha iOS & Android App Updates

We now have the iOS and Android Apps Live so that members can book onto classes through the App! 

One of the main questions we get asked about our stripped down iOS & Android apps is "Can members book onto classes through the apps?"

Well now the answer is a resounding YES!

Check out the instructional video for your members below and forward it onto them to let them know that they can now book through the App! If the bookable class requires payment they will be sent an email asking them to pay. 

But its not only booking we have improved! Members & Parents with multiple children in a club now have access to all of those profiles through the app as well!

Also, we have given you the another way to stay in touch with your members and parents with the Club Notice Board now feeding into the apps.

There are a few more updates pushing through in the coming weeks, but for now, we think this will make life for your members, students and parents much easier! :)  



Coacha iOS & Android App Updates

Keep an eye out for many more updates to both Coacha and our iOS & Android Apps ... Coacha - continually growing from strength to strenght!