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Pausing your members payments in GoCardless
07 April 2020

Pausing your members payments in GoCardless

Below is the guidence from GoCardless on editing your subscription so as to pause payments. This is the easiest way to pause your subscriptions without having to cancel them and set them back up. This guidence is taken directly from the Go Cardless Website Here

This article will guide you through how to 'pause' a subscription within your Go Cardless dashboard.

Subscriptions can be edited on a customer by customer basis 

Edit the subscription amount to £0

By editing the amount to £0, no funds will be collected from the customer but the subscription remains active. When the customer’s payments need to start again you can log in to edit the amount.

1. Open the Customers tab on your dashboard

2. Click on the customer’s name


3. Click on the customer's subscription


4. Click Edit at the top of the page 


5. Enter the new amount as £0 

6. Click Update



The subscription timeline will update to show when the change will come into effect.

Please note: Any payments that are already pending collection cannot be changed.

7. When the customer’s payments need to start again you can log in and edit the subscription amount as outlined above.

     Please note:

  • Do not use this method if your subscription is set up to collect a specific number of payments.
  • The subscription should be edited 4 working days before the next charge date to ensure the next payment is created for the new amount. Any payments that are already ‘pending collection’ cannot be changed and will be collected for the original amount. 
  • You can only edit a subscription up to 10 times. At this point, the subscription will freeze.