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23 March 2020

Pausing your Members Payments in Stripe

In these most strange and stressful of times it is always the hope that many Sports and pastime clubs can rely on their members to maintain their membership in support of their club. To help with this, many clubs around the country have moved their training ‘online’ with virtual classes now popular across many sports.

But with the ever-growing uncertainty with the current situation regarding COVID 19 some clubs are taking the understandable step of looking to pause payment to their clubs until more clarity on the timescales becomes available.

Although we are trying to find an adequate solution to do this inside Coacha, here is a handy guide on how you can achieve this directly in the payment processor.


Pausing Payments in Stripe.

Here is Stripe' description of payment plans:

Plans on Stripe are immutable by design, meaning you can't change the price. However, you can delete the plan and re-create it at a new price, with the same name and plan_id . Internally Stripe will continue to use the old plan for existing customers.

However, there is a method you can use to temporarily pause memberships using the Stripe ‘coupon’ system.

Below we outline how you can do this:


STEP 1 - Log in and go to billing

Log into stripe then head to the following section : Billing > Coupons

Then you need to click to create a new coupon.


STEP 2 : Create a coupon code.

Now that you have opened the coupon code you need to call it something that both you and your members will recognise - “Subscription Pause” or similar would be fine.

Don’t worry about the ‘ID’ section.

Then chose ‘Percentage Discount’ and make the discount 100%

You can then select the Duration you want the discount to run for: 

  • Forever: Chose this option if you would like it paused until you decide to re-instate it.
  • Once: Chose this if you would just like to pause the upcoming payment then see  how things go
  • Multiple Months: Chose this if you would like to select a few months to pause.

Hit Create Coupon.


STEP 3 - Apply the code to your member Subscription

Now Navigate to: Billing > Subscriptions

Once there you will need to select the individual who's membership you would like to pause and click the 3 small dots to the right of the members row.

 You should get a flyout - hit ‘Update Subscription’


STEP 4 - Add the code to a subscription

Click where it says, “Add coupon”. This will pop up your add coupon box, under the search

Finally hit “Update Subscription” in the top right of the screen.


You're all set! This will apply the discount code to your subscription.

When you are ready to remove the subscription discount you can go back into this area of section 4 and ‘remove’ the code. This will return your payments to their normal rate.

Stripe unfortunately don't provide a solution to apply the code to all of your subscriptions simultaneously - they need to be set up individually. 

We hope this guide is helpful in explaining how you can pause your payment in stripe using the 'coupon' feature. 


The Coacha Team