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COVID-19 Announcement
19 March 2020

COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Coacha Users,

I thought I would reach out during this unprecedented time to let you know what we, at Coacha, are doing in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting downtime for our subscribers.

Firstly, I truly hope that you and all of your athletes, parents, coaches and people are healthy and that everyone is managing the isolation well. Everyone’s physical and mental health is always the first concern and I am sure that you are doing everything you can to support your club, and likewise, that they are supporting you.

It goes without saying that if there’s anything we can do to ease pressures; we will do our utmost. As such, we are investigating ways that Coacha might be able to help; with updates to features, advice for tuition continuation and more.

Coacha Updates

As a software provider whose main aim is to make life easier for our clubs, we feel that there are some things we should be doing to make various duties during this time a little less taxing.

As such, I am in constant contact with my development team who are working on new features that you can use to streamline things like communications and payment management.

You may have noticed that we have already released a new feature in our Broadcasts system that allows you to email or text the entire club with the flick of a switch. This small update has already garnered wide-spread use.

There are also a number of other things that we are now investigating, from mass-payment pausing to better payment control. Again, we are working with development to try and understand how best to achieve these useful updates and will keep you informed.

Coacha Support

Here at Coacha, we are keen to follow government guidelines on COVID-19 and as such, our offices will be manned by a ‘skeleton crew’ during this time. However, we will still be providing the industry-leading level of support that you all know and love, remotely.

As such, the best way to get in touch with us is through the support ticket system or email, rather than via phone. We will still maintain our amazing level of customer support and you can expect the same speedy resolutions to questions or issues.

Things you can do

On a personal note, I am a sports coach myself and also in hiatus from the sport I love until things blow over. My gym has implemented a series of measures that can help to retain student or member interest and keep everyone positive, whilst away from the training environment. I thought I would share some of the measures we are implementing for our members.

1) Create groups or communities to stay in contact

Now is a great time to set up that Facebook group or page you’ve been meaning to create for a while. Social media can be an amazing tool to stay in touch with your team and can be a resource to share interesting videos or information with your members on your given sport.

2) Encourage practice at home

Almost all sports and pastimes involve some type of personal training or development. As a coach or teacher, now would be a great time to encourage your members to start to work on those skills which they may not focus on in regular classes.

3) Go virtual

Many clubs are sharing live videos with their members through private YouTube channels to keep the tuition up and keep their members motivated. This is a great way to make sure that your members still feel valued and to show that you are still providing the excellent information that you usually do.

4) Stay in touch

It really is vital that you keep your teams and members informed of the current situation. Using Coacha’s broadcast system to send regular updates and encourage regular training is a perfect way to keep the club in your members’ thoughts.

5) Use the time wisely

You’re probably normally rushed off your feet! One thing you can do during this time, is begin to plan training sessions, routines, competitions and approaches for your return to training. You could also get on top of your admin of course. Then, when you start again, you’ll hit the ground running with everything planned and in place!

These are a few simple steps we are taking to continue to provide value to our members. Hopefully your team are still fully supporting you, especially for clubs with overheads and premises.

We will of course keep you informed of any changes or new development with Coacha and the situation with COVID-19. Should you need any assistance, please reach out and as always, myself and my team will do our very best to help.

Best of health,


Co-Founder - Coacha Software