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Perks of using a club signup form
02 October 2020

Perks of using a club signup form

One of the biggest barriers to giving your club’s admin process a makeover is usually the thought of how difficult it may be. There are so many different tasks included in your daily club admin activities. From membership, to registers, to payments, to messaging; it can seem like a giant task to pull all these things in line.

Usually the main thing that stops (or at least delays) club owners from taking the plunge, is not having the time to upload all of their members’ information into a new system. Streamlining everything can seem daunting at the start.

If someone gets in touch and seems worried about the thought of getting things set up, we always point them in the direction of their very own signup form. With Coacha, each club gets their own individual form which comes in the shape of a link. This can be sent out to members via email, put on your club’s website or even posted on your Facebook account. The signup form allows members to input their own information and submit it to be accepted by the club. All club owners then need to do is accept new students from ‘Pending Members’.

Here are just a few reasons why using a club signup form will make things easier for you:

1. They can complete their own information

Instead of you having to input every single member’s information, allowing each member to submit their own is a great way to save some time. All you’ll need to do is review and accept them into your Coacha account.

2. Your data will be up to date

If you’ve been keeping your spreadsheets for a fair few years, how much of that data do you think is still up to date? How many people have moved to a new house or switched numbers without remembering to tell you? How many children have been diagnosed with new allergies or health issues? Probably quite a few.

Getting everyone to complete their information from scratch is a fantastic way of making sure your records are up to date under GDPR too. Plus, it’s super easy to ask them to review their data later down the line.


3. They can submit their own consent

In order to hold data in any system, the person (or their parent) needs to provide consent. Using a signup form will allow them to review GDPR consent plus your club’s terms and conditions from the very beginning, before their information is even held in your account.

4. They get can get specific with medical details

If you’re noting down specific medical details that a parent has mentioned to you, how much of it do you honestly understand? Allowing members to complete their own medical information means they can get specific so that you have as much knowledge as possible.

5. It’s SO easy for them

We know that there are lots of people out there who aren’t exactly great with technology. We actually built Coacha around simplicity and aim to make things as straight-forward as possible.

To complete the form here is the process they need to undertake:

a) They click on a link that you give them. For example:

b) They start to fill in their personal information which displayed in a simple, easy to read format:


c) Once they’ve completed their information, they tick to agree to your club’s T&Cs and Coacha’s GDPR consent options and then click ‘submit’.


You’ll then get a notification letting you know about new pending members, you accept them into your club and ‘voila’, they’re all set up in your account.

Of course, if you have existing data that you’d rather use, it’s easy to upload it (we’ll even do it for you for free). We just want to show you that in order to get your club admin sorted, you have options to make life easier.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a new way of running your club for a while but don’t know where to start, sign up to Coacha today and then head straight to this user guide. It’ll show you how to generate your signup form link so that your members can start doing the work for you.