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Can a piece of sports club software make you 100% GDPR compliant?
04 May 2018

Can a piece of sports club software make you 100% GDPR compliant?

With GDPR literally around the corner, our most frequently asked question at the moment is, ‘Will Coacha make me GDPR compliant?’. Many club owners we’ve spoken to recently have openly admitted to burying their heads in the sand, leaving it until quite late to get their club ready for the new General Data Protection Regulations.

It’s usually when they’re conducting that initial ‘how can I make my sports club GDPR compliant?’ Google search, that they come across one of our GDPR articles from last year. This then leads them into hoping that we can make them 100% compliant, without having to undertake any other processes.

We’ll be the first to admit that life with a piece of sports club software that made your club 100% GDPR compliant would be incredible. But because of the way that GDPR has been designed and implemented, it’s not just about storing your data in a certain way. It’s also about assessing risk and putting policies and procedures in place to protect your athlete’s information. This is something we can’t help you with, as much as we’d love to, but we can provide you with the information to help you on your way!

When we first started getting our heads around GDPR a few years ago, we initially found it quite complicated. This initial shock as to how complex GDPR could be to understand, led us to set the goal of making GDPR as clear and simple to understand as possible for our clubs.

As well as our GDPR Guide and Checklist, free Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and other resources we’ve been sending out, we wanted to go one step further. Whilst Coacha is doing its job, we’re trying to provide you with the extra information you need in order to work towards total compliance.


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The 3-step process

Step 1: Coacha - up to 75%

We firmly believe that using Coacha will help your club work towards up 75% of your ongoing compliance. You can read which aspects of GDPR Coacha helps you with here.

The ICO state, “… consider the logistical implications of having to deal with requests more quickly. You could consider whether it is feasible or desirable to develop systems that allow individuals to access their information easily online.”. Coacha2.0 will allow just this. You’ll be working towards ICO gold standard with Coacha2.0’s new GDPR features.

Even though the date has passed for GDPR becoming a legal obligation, don’t panic. Just by signing up to Coacha’s free trial and starting to use it, will prove to anyone that asks, that you’re demonstrating an awareness of GDPR and are taking it seriously.

Step 2: Legal documentation - approx. 20%

As mentioned above, GDPR requires that you undertake manual processes in order to comply. Although we can’t fill forms in for you, or write your policies, we can provide you with some amazing information to help you out.

We’ve teamed up with LHS Solicitors to provide our subscribers with unique access to their portal which provides all of the tools and documentation you’ll need in order to work towards compliance.

Most legal firms charge >£1,500 +VAT for GDPR documentation, but LHS Solicitors provide a full pack of GDPR templates and guidance through their portal for just £189 +VAT.

However, if you become a Coacha subscriber, you will be entitled to a substantial 50% discount, meaning that you get all the GDPR documents you will need for just £95 +VAT. And you’ll get the same access to the rest of their really useful portal too. Click here to find out more.

Step 3: Change/Case Law – approx. 5%

We know - we don’t like being unprepared either. And it would be great to guarantee absolute compliance. But GDPR guidance is still unconfirmed in some areas and described as ‘fluid’, so is subject to change. This is one of the big reasons why a single piece of software won’t be able to make you 100% GDPR compliant.

It’s not until a few organisations (most likely bigger, global companies) have been prosecuted that we’ll know for sure what GDPR rules will finally become. Until then, by following the steps outlined in this article, we believe you’ll be able to get yourself as GDPR compliant as is possible right now.

If you haven’t already, start your Coacha journey by signing up for our 30-day free trial.

The Legal Stuff

The content of this article is intended to provide information to help you with the subject matter and is not to be regarded as a substitute for consultation with a legal specialist who can advise you with a focus on your specific circumstance. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.