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Coacha2.0 iOS Update
19 April 2018

Coacha2.0 iOS Update

The beady-eyed among you will have noticed that Coacha’s iOS app is currently unavailable for download. This is because Apple have recently made some huge changes to their app requirements, so to ensure that our users are getting the best possible version of the app, we’ve put it under development until it’s ready.

The app isn’t only under development for Apple’s new requirements. There are some pretty big updates coming in Coacha2.0 that we’re working on, and we thought it was time to tell you about them!

Our iOS app has come a long way since the first version of Coacha. In Coacha2.0’s iOS app, we’re not only giving your coaches more control, but also your members/parents.

For your coaches:

•    You can now use pin code access to streamline the login process.
•    The new Coacha iOS app for 2.0 is iOS iPhone/iPad compatible.
•    The Android app is coming soon, although we don’t have a date on this yet.

For your members/parents:

•    Members/parents can now have their own app login and view their personal details and book onto classes, should you want to allow them to.


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For the administrator:

•    Coaches and members all have a certain level of access within the app. The administrator will have full access.
•    Administrators will now be able to see all classes running as opposed to only being able to see the class they’re added to on that day.
•    Administrators will be able to access all member profiles and edit information from within the app.
•    Access to all registers, payment histories for individuals, the new club finance section, recording cash payments.
•    You’ll find it more streamlined and easier to use.

We’ve taken on board a lot of the wishes from our Wishlist that we published last year, and we’ve implemented a lot of what you asked for. So, if you’ve given insight/feedback over the last year, thank you for helping to develop Coacha.

It’s just a few short weeks until Coacha2.0 goes live, and we’re hoping to launch the iOS app as soon as possible afterwards.

If you can’t wait for the 2.0 update, hang in there, have some patience, there’s just a few weeks left! And in the meantime, keep an eye out on our social media for sneak peaks of feature updates.