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Introduction to Coacha 2.0 and GDPR Compliance
11 April 2018

Introduction to Coacha 2.0 and GDPR Compliance

Those of you who have been in touch with us over the last few months will know how hard we’ve been working to get Coacha 2.0 launched and into your clubs as soon as we can. We have some incredible new features ready to go within Coacha 2.0 and due to our excitement, we’ve found it unbelievably difficult to keep these new features under wraps until now.

We’ve had so many of you get in touch asking about 2.0 pricing changes due to the additional safeguarding, GDPR and general features. Everyone has been completely shocked when we’ve assured them that there aren’t going to be any pricing changes at all. Coacha will remain at the standard monthly subscription rate of £25.

We’re often asked why we’re so focused on maintaining the pricing of Coacha even whilst improving and upgrading the system. We’re coaches ourselves and Coacha was developed due to a need to scratch our own itch. We couldn’t find any pieces of software that did exactly as we needed, so we decided to build our own.

Many pieces of club management software have an increased pricing structure depending on how many members and coaches you have in your club, something we found unfair when trying to find software to fit our own needs. Just like with our own clubs, we are extremely focused and committed to helping yours grow and improve, and we won’t penalise you for your club’s success. Hence why Coacha is a flat rate regardless of how many members/classes/coaches you have.

In the lead up to Coacha 2.0’s launch, we are going to be releasing information on the new features week by week, so you can see what’s coming! So, to kick things off, lets look at the biggest new feature coming to Coacha2.0.


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Member Portal

One of the biggest new features within Coacha 2.0 is the Member Portal. This will be an area where members/parents can log in using their own login details, in order to view, download or change their personal data and also much more.

What this means for your members/parents:    

•    Members can edit elements of their own personal data
•    Members can view their transaction history, outstanding transactions and pay there and then
•    Members will be able to view the class schedule and book onto bookable classes
•    Members will be able to print receipts for each transaction
•    Members will be able to view a ‘club noticeboard’ (another new feature!)
•    Members will be able to download all their personal data instantly, in line with GDPR so that you, as the club owner, won’t have to deal with data access requests (unless you store any other information outside of Coacha). This is gold standard according to the ICO.

What this means for you as the administrator:

•    You will have up to date member profiles.
•    You will be able to post important notifications to members on the public noticeboard.
•    You will have more time for other things as members will be able to edit their own personal data
•    You will be able to allow members to book onto classes in advance
•    You will be able to issue password resets to members/parents
•    You will have full access and permission to oversee all activity on each member profile and the ability to lock someone out of their account if necessary

These are just a few of the features in the member/parent portal that we’re excited to be telling you about. If you’re a loyal subscriber, you’ll get an automatic upgrade when Coacha 2.0 launches in the coming weeks. If you’re thinking about trialling Coacha, sign up in April and get an extended 60-day free trial instead of 30 days, and experience a free automatic upgrade to Coacha 2.0 when we launch. If you have any questions or we can help in any way at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Legal Stuff

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