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Cheltenham sports app Founder makes major contribution to global mental health charity
27 November 2019

Cheltenham sports app Founder makes major contribution to global mental health charity

Cheltenham-based software founder, Christopher Davis is near to doubling his initial fundraising goal as he closes in on his target of running 300 miles (10 miles per day!) through the month of November.

Chris, who co-founded Coacha; an app that helps amateur sports clubs manage their members & admin ; embarked on this 300-mile journey to raise money for global charity, Movember Foundation. The charity focuses closely on men’s health, specifically mental health; something very close to Chris’ heart.


Knowing several men who have sadly taken their own lives; Chris is determined to do more than his bit to help others. Every year he sets himself a November challenge where he tries to raise money to contribute to the leading charity who are making a difference in men’s lives.

In 2018, Chris set himself the goal of running of running 100km through November which he completed before he was even half-way through the month. This year, Chris wanted to go bigger & better in a bid to raise as much money as possible. And so, he set the goal of running 10 miles per day, every day in November.

“Well done you! The fund raising is amazing but more important is opening the conversation around mental health, especially suicide.”
– One of Chris’ donators

Most of us based in Gloucestershire will know that the weather hasn’t been kind to us this November. Chris battled through wind, storms and actual floods to make sure he was getting 10 miles per day ran. This is all in addition to coaching and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every evening, being the driving force behind Coacha’s V3 upcoming launch… and walking his dogs!


His hard work and determination certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by his friends, family or colleagues. Co-Founder, Jason Ayers, writes:

“Things aren’t often serious between Chris and I, but all of us at Coacha are extremely proud of his resilience & strength of character. He’s been running to & from work, on his lunch break & to his coaching duties every single day; all throughout a particularly harsh-weathered November. Chris never ceases to fall short of selflessness and we really think the world (or at least the people of Gloucestershire) should hear about him.”

If you’d like to follow Chris’ journey, or make a donation in aid of Movember Foundation, then click here. We're sure you'll join us congratulating Chris on his epic achievement!