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The impact of sports anthems
22 October 2019

The impact of sports anthems

A few months back, we welcomed the lovely team over at ClicknClear to our blog and they told you all about the world of music licensing in performance sport. In case you didn't know, it's not as easy as just picking a song and playing it for dance/gymnastics/cheer performances. This is why ClicknClear formed, to help provide easy, legal access to music for sports.

Their last article was such a success, we invited them back to share some more thoughts. This week, they're writing all about sporting anthems.



Imagine a stadium full of thousands of fans. Your favourite sports team is performing. The atmosphere is electric, the noise is deafening, emotions are overflowing, and then the music starts. If there’s anything that enhances the already electric atmosphere in any sports event, it’s the music. Some would say that the music played is almost as important as the action on the field or in the arena, and it’s this that really gets the fans going.


Sport is enjoyed by billions of people across the globe and you don’t have to look far to find people who are deeply passionate about it. From young to old, men, women, all nationalities.

Sports anthems bring that raw emotion out of people and are played to motivate the athletes and rally the fans. Take the internationally recognised chant ‘Ole Ole Ole’ - it’s over 100 years old and still riles up a crowd of any magnitude, be it in a football, rugby or hockey stadium. Go to any American baseball game and you’ll hear ‘Take me out to the ball game’ - a classic that has lived on for over a century. Head to the terraces of Anfield, Liverpool Football Club’s stadium, and you’ll hear tens of thousands of voices chanting Richard Rodgers 1945 hit ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.



Then there’s National Anthems. From motorcross championships to basketball games, they have been sung at major sporting events since 1918. Players and fans take to their feet, place their hands over their hearts, sing along at the top of their voices and end to a chorus of thunderous applause. That’s patriotism and comradery right there.

Essentially, sports anthems become iconic because they unify everyone from communities to cities to entire nations. They get the adrenaline rush going inside you when you hear it and evoke a raw mix of emotions. Anthems are about memorable lyrics and melodies that have the right hook to make an impact so it resonates with the athletes and crowds and comes alive in the sporting arena.


ClicknClear had the pleasure of creating a new anthem for the 2019 Cheerleading World Championships. The world governing body of cheerleading, the International Cheer Union (ICU) wanted a bespoke track to use for the athlete procession in the opening ceremony, that would perfectly compliment their annual event which celebrates unity, sportsmanship and spirit. We worked closely with the ICU and producer Sarah DeCourcy to create an anthem that evoked positive emotion as well as conveying the sporting inspiration, leadership qualities, athleticism and competitive spirit needed to become a champion. It was an amazing feeling to watch thousands of athletes, coaches and officials from over 70 countries, immediately start dancing and singing along to the inspiring and uplifting anthem ‘In This Together’.

The right music can make all the difference. A good song promotes bonding, creates positivity, gets the momentum up and keeps it going. As athletes or spectators, when we watch sport in person, whether it’s a football game or gymnastics competition, we have the ability to bring an energy of our own to the table, and get the stadium rocking. Music is what helps us get there. So next time you’re thinking about music to accompany your routine or to be the anthem for your event, think about what defines your sport, how will your fans respond and how can you positively impact your athletes.