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The Coacha Non-Profit Awardees: East Coast Tigers
13 August 2019

The Coacha Non-Profit Awardees: East Coast Tigers

Early in 2019, we sat down as a team and discussed making our contribution towards sport even bigger and better than it already is. As we’re all heavily involved in sport and running clubs, we genuinely know what it’s like to coach/manage a sports club. And we know even more about trying to get your club to operate when it’s not-profit.

We decided that we were going to do something to help non-profit organisations put more money back into their clubs. And we were going to do this by providing the opportunity for clubs to apply for an award, which secured them funding for a completely free licence of Coacha.

We‘ve been completely overwhelmed with the response the initiative has had; and also at the number incredible clubs who have applied. It was so difficult to shortlist and eventually pick the successful clubs, but it had to be done; and now we want to introduce them to you.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing these clubs’ stories to showcase the incredible work that they do. First up is East Coast Tigers. Programme Director and Head Coach, Jess, brought the Cheer Programme on board with Coacha back in 2018 and have been using us ever since. We’ll let her do the talking!


About East Coast Tigers

My name is Jess and I founded East Coast Tigers in 2007. The team took a break in 2012 when I went travelling and was then re-established in 2016, even bigger and better than before! We are so excited to have been chosen for The Coacha Non-Profit Award! We are happy to be able to put the subscription money back into our programme!

East Coast Tigers are Scarborough’s only cheerleading team. We are a not for profit community team, registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and all of our coaches are volunteers. We are based in Eastfield, a deprived area of Scarborough and although we have athletes come from all over the town and some from out of town, most of our athletes come from in and around Eastfield.


East Coast Tigers' Programme Director/Head Coach, Jess with Mini Coach, Liv

We provide both recreational classes and competitive classes to athletes aged 6+ and currently have 130 members signed up to our programme. Cheerleading is an expensive sport, but we do our best to keep our prices low so that everyone that wants to be involved, can be.  We fundraise to supply competition uniforms to our competitive athletes, which means they don’t have that HUGE expense on top of their training fees.

We actually fundraise and acquire funding for everything, most recently kitting out our new premises with some top of the range tumble equipment due to a generous donation from our local councillor, Eric Broadbent. Our new premises was also fundraised for by our athletes and their families. We have so much support from everyone and we are so incredibly grateful.

We recently moved into our own premises which has been a BIG dream of mine since starting ECT back in 2007. Due to the growth of the team we were able to take the step and after gaining the support from our council to do so, we opened the doors at the end of May this year. The gym has become like a second home for our athletes, they absolutely love being there. After some frustrating experiences at our local leisure centre, we now have shiny new premises that we will never ever take for granted!


The East Coast Tigers Senior Team after winning first place & grand champion title in July 2019

Our Coaches

I am very lucky to have 4 other Lead Coaches; Josanne, Taylor, Liv and Chelsea who volunteer their time to help me run our programme. Like myself, they are all very passionate about cheerleading and that is what makes us successful as a team. As volunteers, our coaches all have full time day jobs, and we spend our nights and any other free time at the gym. We love it, otherwise we couldn’t do it. Cheer is life, as they say haha.

As well as the 5 Lead coaches, we also have 3 Junior coaches; Ella, Sophie L and Angel and 5 new Junior coaches who are stepping up into the role from September; Lois, Megan, Sophie A, Gracie and Amy. These girls are all under the age of 18 and are all qualified as Junior coaches through BGU, which is where all of our coaches take our qualifications!


East Coast Tigers 18/19 coaching team at their end of season awards night in July

Our junior coaches help the lead coaches run the sessions and they are role models to all of our athletes young and old. We have quite a big coaching team for a small programme but we think it is important to have as many sets of eyes as possible as safety is so important! I don’t know what I would do without my amazing coaching team. East Coast Tigers would definitely not be what it is today without them.

The impact we have

We’re so lucky to be able to welcome so many athletes to our programme. Here are just some of the amazing reviews we’ve received:

“It all started with one very shy little girl wanting to try something different last season she started in recreational then through the season got asked to join the minis competitive team. Not in a million years did I think she would want to compete but with the support and love from all the coaches she did and is now or her second season of competing and the change in confidence is amazing and that's all down to East Coast Tigers. Seeing how much she loved it and the smile on her face after each class, I now have 4 little girls cheerleading it's a mad house but they eat, sleep and breath cheer. Thank you East Coast Tigers”


East Coast Tigers Stunt Group performing at their local music festival

“My daughter is in her second season with ECT. Over the two seasons her confidence has soared both with cheerleading and beyond. The coaches have been really patient and supportive when wobbles and nerves have happened. She loves being part of such a supportive and fun team. The coaches are amazing and give so much time and energy to the girls and making ECT the huge success it is today.”

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The Coacha Non-Profit Award

I applied for this award because every penny that we can put back into our programme helps our athletes to achieve more and gives them more opportunities. I am very conscious about what we spend, and although Coacha is one of our BEST investments, it is even better that we have successfully received this award and our monthly subscription can now go back into our programme for the next 12 months and be spent on other things!

I am extremely grateful that Coacha selected us. We work so hard at ECT to provide the best experience for the kids that are part of our programme. Coacha has transformed the way that we run the admin side of our programme and for their hard-working team to recognise us for something like this means the absolute world. Thank you Coacha!   

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