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Your Questions Answered: What should I do if I send the wrong payment request?
01 December 2017

Your Questions Answered: What should I do if I send the wrong payment request?

With many club owners and coaches working full-time jobs alongside their coaching commitments, we know that there can be limited time for club admin. This is one of the reasons we built Coacha in the first place; to take the pressure off people like you and give you more time to do what you love. We know that things can get busy and mistakes can be made. When you have so many members and so many different payments to organise, things can get confusing.

Imagine this: You sit down to have some admin time, you’re getting into the swing of things, assigning members to plans like a pro and then you accidently send out the wrong payment request to one of your members/parents...

We’re here to tell you not to panic and to give you a process to correct this mistake.

1. Once you send a payment request, it cannot be recalled due to the fact it’s sent out via email. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is contact to the parent directly to ensure that they don’t enter their card details. You can give them a call or send an individual broadcast through Coacha by navigating to Broadcasts > Send a Message. Simply explain that the wrong payment request has been sent, that they should ignore it, and that you’ll send the correct one over shortly.

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When you send the new request, it might be a good idea to send another broadcast informing them that this is the correct one to complete.

2. If the member/parent has already completed the payment, don’t panic.

3. For rolling subscriptions (skip this step if your request was for a one-off payment), simply log into Stripe, head to Subscriptions > Plans, find the member name and cancel the plan that’s been setup. This will prevent any future payments from this plan from being taken.

4. Head to Payments, find the correct payment and make a refund.

5. You’ll then need to re-send the correct payment request in Coacha. However, if working with a subscription request and your selected payment date has already been and gone, you won’t receive a payment for this month. So, you’ll need to send out a one-off payment request too, to ensure that their fees are paid for this month.

6. You should send a follow-up broadcast in both of the above circumstances, explaining the mistake, that you’ve made a refund and that you’ve re-sent the correct payment request(s).

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We hope that you found this week’s Your Questions Answered useful. Remember, if in any circumstance, you’re unsure of something or need some more support, you can get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.