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A guide to appS FOR CLUBS

With every club, there comes a point where admin/paperwork starts to get too much. This sometimes happens after you see a growth in members or when classes get more popular. When this happens, club life can start to get stressful and disorganised for the person in charge of the admin; and running the club can sometimes become a hinderance.

If you relate to any of the above, it could be time for you to search for an app for clubs to make your life easier. Take a look at the below and ask yourself: is now the time to make the transition to an app?



1. Do you find yourself misplacing important paperwork?

If your club is still largely paper-based, things can get messy fast. If you store member records, registers, important DBS information etc. all on paper and are prone to misplacing or even losing paperwork, this may be one of the first signs that it’s time to go digital and look for club apps.


2. Do you manually create registers?

Realistically, how much of you/your coaches’ time is spent writing out registers/calculating complicated spreadsheets? Are you coaching less because of this? Is it having a negative impact on you/your coaches’ morale?

You may be heading to class extra early just to get your registers sorted; staying up late, missing precious time with family; or just missing out on time to yourself. Just imagine the time you’d save if you let a club app automatically generate your registers for you. Also, coaches wouldn't be sharing registers or misplacing them. This is because each coach would have their own register on their own device.


3. Are you the only person in charge of club admin?

If you’re the club owner or senior coach in your club and are primarily in charge of the admin, you may have your own unique processes tied down. However, others won't be able to help if they can't understand it.

If your club admin was in a simple, easy to use club app, you’d be able to share access to your admin more easily. This means you could split the workload and take some pressure off yourself whilst allowing your coaches some additional responsibility.


4. Is your club missing out on fees?

Going through monthly payments and making sure everyone has paid is time consuming. Have you ever gone through your payments to realise some members haven’t been paying for a few weeks (or even months?!)? If so, this probably isn't a happy memory to look back on.

This actually isn’t uncommon for clubs who still run manually. Reconciling payments is hard! One of the main reasons that clubs go digital is because most club apps inform you immediately if a payment fails, and even chases the failed payments for you.

So, although you may end up putting a small part of your budget towards a club app, you may end up saving money in the reduction of missed fees and saving time chasing payments.


5. Is your members’ data the most secure it can be?

With GDPR bringing more rights to people and their data, many of your members will be more clued up on how their data should be held and how secure it is. Gold standard practice for GDPR is storing data electronically.

How professional does your club look if you’re still storing members’ data in paper folders? How much more professional would your club look if you were using a dedicated, secure app for the storage of data? Probably a lot…


6. Do members/parents have control over their data?

If a member changes telephone number/address etc., are you the person who needs to change this on the club's records? How many records do you hold for your members? Is it possible you could forget to update one area of their information, leaving you unsure which data is correct?

Also, what is your process when a member requests to see all of the data you hold on them? Will you have to manually gather all data and then provide it to them in a digital format? What happens if you have 20+ of these requests in a week? How much time is that going to take you? A lot.

Many club apps will allow members/parents to update their own data and also allow them to download the data you hold on them; meaning you don’t need to do a thing.


7. Is your club losing members?

Chances are, if your club is losing members, there’s probably a reason why. Most people are too polite to give a reason why they’re leaving/pulling their child out of your classes. It may be a good idea to look at your current processes and evaluate what impact they may have on your members.

Are your classes starting late because the coach is trying to find/make sense of the register? Are you chasing them for 5 months’ worth of payments because you hadn’t noticed that their standing order had stopped? Have you misplaced their personal information, meaning that coaches weren’t aware of any medical conditions they may have?

There are lots of reasons members leave clubs; many of which could be resolved, or even avoided in the first place, by using a slick club management app.


If the answer is ‘yes’ to at least one of the above questions, you should definitely consider looking into an app for your club. A club management app can help with lots of areas of your admin but perhaps most importantly, can make a huge saving to your club in both money & time.

Sometimes, switching your admin to a new way of doing things can be a little bit intimidating. You may find yourself putting it off for multiple seasons and then being frustrated when things are no better than they were before.

In order to make a productive start in your search for a new system, you should review different apps on the market to see which one works best for your club. Take a look at our ‘How to do a sports team app review’ article and follow the steps to completing a thorough review of each app!


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