Covid19 brings new challenges – Coacha helps tackle them

Government guidance requires that you monitor and report any Covid19 related issues which brings more admin with it. Not with Coacha though as Track and Trace, Reporting and Quarantining are all organised for you.

covid 19 in sport

Comply with official guidance

You have enough to do already with physical tasks like cleaning and social distancing. So, just by using Coacha you’ll automatically be taking care of the extra paperwork and new process the government ask for.

COVID indoor sports

Self-reporting of Covid19

Members can report if they are effected by Covid or self-quarantining through your own bespoke Member Portal. You’ll be notified immediately too, meaning you can act fast.

COVID indoor sports

Host ‘Virtual Classes’

Whether via YouTube, Zoom or MS Teams (or any other platform for that) Coacha works with them all. Set  the date and time, invite your members and let Coacha do the rest. We even automatically send out reminders half hour before the class for you.

covid 19 in sport

Do away with cash (if you want to)

Whilst not compulsory, we are being encouraged to reduce the handling of cash. Coacha helps with the ability to set up direct debits and take credit and debit cards. But with Coacha’s Virtual Cash Tin cash can still be taken.

Post COVID return to play

Bookable items & venues

Programme bookable slots to have a ‘COVID Clean Down Time’ between each booking. Let your members book things like courts, tables, pitches, halls, rooms, pool lanes, equipment, and much more – even tables in your club house … if you have one!

Coronavirus sport UK

Track & trace members

See at a glance who’s been in contact with who if someone reports themselves as being effected by Covid in any way. All based on data already in Coacha so there’s no ‘big brother’ concerns here!

COVID-19 and sports

Inform other members

It’s only a few clicks or taps and you’ll be emailing / texting people that have been in the same sessions or classes as anyone who’s reported themselves as being effected by Covid.

Team sports coronavirus

Unique quarantining feature

If someone says they’re effected by Covid you can instantly quarantine them in Coacha. This stops them booking on to anything and instantly gives you a list of the people they have been in contact with at your club.

Outdoor sports COVID

Assist NHS Test & Trace

Having details of who’s been at your club and when means you can help the NHS. Tracking members (when at your club) means you can help combat Covid19 and keep your members safe.

recreational sports covid-19

Pass info on to the authorities

A few clicks or taps delivers you a digital copy of all of your Covid related data so that you can share it with the authorities should you ever need to. Well done you!

COVID-19 sports update

App & Online Booking

The Governments guidance focusses a lot on people booking online or through their mobile devices. Coacha’s App takes bookings and payments and helps keep your members up to date with what’s going on.

COVID 19 and sports 02

Manage numbers / occupancy

With social distancing, reduced class / session size, and 1-2-1 sessions, Coacha helps keep a limit on the amount of people attending any one session or event. Another biggie from the Government’s guidance.

COVID 19 and sports 03

Book in advance

Promote sessions / classes early using Coach so you can encourage people to book in advance. This saves people turning up unexpectedly and you having too many people to keep socially distanced.

COVID return to sport

Reduce possible Covid transmission

Minimise face to face chats, using pens and paper and having too many people around at any one time by using Coacha. Every little helps in the fight against Covid!

Post COVID return to play

Reduced admin & stress for you!

There’s enough to do now Covid is with us, so the last thing you want is more processes and paperwork. Coacha’s Covid features are designed to help you, your members and your club.

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