Folders, lists, clipboards ...
There has to be an easier way?

Still creating attendance sheets in Excel with a formula?
Or still using an attendance sheet PDF/Microsoft Word template for attendance?
Introducing our attendance register app: Coacha.

How about this? Set a class up and registers are created automatically? No faffing around. It's all done for you!
All team members invited, or just a few? Tap, tap, click, click and they're added. Easy and quickly.
Quickly check everyone is, or leave 'em to it. Whatever you choose it's about speed and convenience for you.
Need to see who attended what and when? No worries. Coacha keeps all registers... forever!
Keep prying eyes out and sensitive data locked in. All crucial for Safeguarding and Data Protection.
Have as many sessions, training and events as you want. Bring it on, Coacha is ready and waiting!

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Attendance Register App FAQs

Searching for an attendance register app for your club is an exciting time. Things are about to get so much easier for you! But when researching... where do you start? Here are some commonly asked questions.

1. Can I automate my attendance register app with Coacha?

Yes! We designed Coacha to help you completely automate your registers! All you need to do is input your timetable into Classes, set them to recur, add your members & then the registers will recur automatically until you stop them.

2. Can I add one-off members to my attendance register app?

You can indeed. Once members are within your Coacha account, you can either add them to registers permanently, or as a one-off.