What's in it for you?

In a nutshell, Coacha simplifies all of the vital admin tasks any club has.

You're busy so you need a VERY easy to SET UP and USE app & software

Being packed full of features Coacha will help make sure you're not spending more time on admin than you need to. Coacha's designed to automate lots of the admin you're doing manually, giving you more time for ... well, whatever you like!

Let your admin skills Skyrocket

Thousands of clubs just like yours are able to reduced the haslle of admin ...
Manage your members, coaches, admins, parents & next of kins

Designed with your people in mind

No more printed folders, files or paperwork. Keep everyone's information securely in one place with easy access anywhere, anytime. Athlete information; coaches' notes; attendance records; parent/next of kin contact details and medical/injury info are all just a couple of clicks or taps away.

Are you getting help with your admin?

Extra coaches or helpers? Do they need access but without seeing sensitive info like your club's finances? Easy! Create individual logins that allow access to member info and class registers but not your club finances. You can also add multiple admins if you've a larger admin team - give them access to as much or as little info as you like.

Track, Trace and report Covid with Coacha’s automated tools

COVID19 features - keeping you & your members safe

You have enough to do as it is, but Covid19 brings with it yet more paperwork. Let Coacha help you out by keeping full records of who’s come in to contact with who. Then, should someone be effected by Covid19 you can track, trace and notify your relevant people.

Adapt to evolving Covid19 rules regulations

With unique ‘Member Quarantine’ and ‘Health Reporting’ features Coacha truly has you covered. As official guidance evolves, so does Coacha. We keep on top of the regs and add new features to Coacha to help you and your members. Feature’s like ‘Virtual classes’, Covid19 Data Export (to help NHS Test & Trace) and limited class sizes.

Automatic payments, one-off card payments and cash

Get paid quickly, automatically and without constant chasing

There are other services out there that can provide you with direct debit and card payments. BUT with nearly all of them you will pay extra and often hidden fees. That's why we've partnered with Stripe & GoCardless to bring money features which are easy to both set up and use. And you can see exactly what the costs are for using them.

Through Coacha, you can handle all of your monthly subscriptions, one-off card transactions, and even cash payments. There's no chasing people for money anymore as you enjoy automatic retries on any failed payments. With a very easy to use dashboard and lots of notifications, you won't miss a trick - or a payment!

Classes, events and attendance 

Keep an eye on attendance with Auto-Registers

You'll look professional and well organised with automatically generated registers. Life is calmer for you and your team as you can create recurring classes or one-off events in just a few clicks. Whether you're planning on using the iOS or Android app, or the main Coacha site, your registers will be ready and waiting. The Apps even work when there's no internet or 4G connection - truely magic!

Coacha collects and records everything you need to know about attendance levels and class performance. Thanks to member attendance statistics and coaches' notes, you can also check how your individual athletes are getting on. We bet your paper records couldn't do that...

Send SMS & emails directly from Coacha

Get the message to the right people every time...

Coacha helps you to stay in touch with your club members, parents and coaches with an easy-to-use broadcast system. Messages can be sent to coaches, specific classes, member groups or individuals by email, SMS or both. All in just a few clicks.

Worried about safeguarding? With NSPCC CPSU best practice guidelines built into the broadcasting system, your broadcasts are only ever sent to the appropriate recipients. All of this means added protection for you, your coaches and your club members (and peace of mind for parents too).

iOS and Android apps for you and your members

All of your club info in your pocket ... all of the time!

At Coacha we realise that you might not always be sat in front of a computer when you need something. That's why Coacha is built with mobile in mind. Loading Coacha in a web browser on your phone or tablet will be as smooth and easy to use as on your laptop or PC. 

But that's not all! We have also built both iOS and Android apps that give you a number of important functionality feature found in the full desktop system. In these apps you can take registers, view club finances, get member information and make notes. All of the key things you need when you are out there coaching.

What's more, your members and parents can use them too!

Safeguarding features and child protection 

Enhance your Club's Child Protection

If you coach children, safeguarding their personal information is an integral part of what you do. Rather than using insecure paper records/spreadsheets, keep your sensitive information securely locked away in Coacha.

By using Coacha’s broadcasting system, designed with the NSPCC CPSU best practice guidelines in mind, there is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to child protection.

Your club’s dedicated member portal and info hub     

Members can help you, by helping themselves 

Reduce the hassle of admin by getting your members to do some of the leg work for you. A few simple clicks and you can issue logins, set passwords, ask people to edit their info and much, much more. Your portal even has a convenient noticeboard so people can’t say ‘I didn’t get the message’ anymore!

What’s in it for your members then?
They can book onto your sessions/classes online (or cancel), see their own information (or their child’s) and complete payment requests to name but a few. They can also very easily download their own data which will help enormously with your club’s GDPR compliance.