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Cheltenham company gives away £3,000 worth of software to not-for-profit sports clubs
17 March 2020

Cheltenham company gives away £3,000 worth of software to not-for-profit sports clubs

2020 Update

It's been 9 months since we announced the opening of entries for The Coacha Non-Profit Award and what a 9 months it's been! Since we launched the award, we have handed out free Coacha licences to 6, well-deserved non-profit sports clubs who make a difference to their community every single day. These clubs include Adaptive Martial Arts CIC, Wessex Jitsu Club, East Coast Tigers, Bredon Cricket Club, South Shields Sailing Club & Parkwyddn JFC.

Applications are still open. If you know a non-profit sports/pastime club who are deserving of this award, you can either apply or nominate them today.


Coacha Press Release - 5th June 2019

A selection of lucky not-for-profit sports clubs are set to receive free licenses of an industry-leading sports club management software from today.

Coacha is a sports club management software which helps sports clubs step away from manual paperwork and digitalise the way they run their clubs. Coacha’s founders are sports coaches themselves and built the software to reduce admin time. Coacha does this through features such as digital registers, automated finances and working by GDPR/child protection best practice.

Coacha Non Profit Sotware

Coacha noticed that many not-for-profit coaches are paid purely in job satisfaction. This sadly means that some of these clubs can’t afford to pay for software to safeguard their members’ data properly. This is why Coacha are trying to help by giving away £3,000 worth of licenses.

After bringing West Bromwich Albion Academy Development Centre (Gloucestershire) on board back in 2018, Head of Player Development and Talent ID, Paul Gardiner says:

“Coacha’s GDPR efforts were imperative in our decision to join them. We couldn’t find another piece of software with features that were built around GDPR. Coacha immediately put our confidence in their ability to help safeguard our member’s data.”

Why not-for-profit?

“Whilst waiting for board approval of Coacha, one of our coaches said, ‘If they say no, I’ll pay for it out of my own pocket’.” – Coacha user.

When asked why they were generously giving away a number of Coacha licenses, Co-Founder, Jason Ayers answered,

“We have lots of non-profit clubs on board and find that in order to make their lives easier, many coaches pay for Coacha out of their own pocket as the club can’t afford to. Most coaches give up their free time to coach and won’t even get paid. We don’t think coaches should be using their own money to do something as essential as safeguard their members’ data. We decided it was time to do something to give back to sport.”

How to apply

You can contact Coacha to find out if you’re eligible to apply for a free license for your not-for-profit sports club by clicking here. If you’re not non-profit, but would still like to trial Coacha, you can sign up for a free trial here.