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 3 things to “set and forget” in Coacha
17 January 2019

3 things to “set and forget” in Coacha

April Update 2019

Do you know someone searching for sports club software in the US? It's time to get them on the phone and let them know that Coacha are launching over there imminently. After years of dominating the UK market, the demand for Coacha overseas has been so great that we've had no choice but to launch in the US too. Make sure you let your US friends know about us and that they can register their interest by heading over to our US website.

When many of us started coaching, there wasn’t a great deal of admin. There was basic information to collect, registers to take and sometimes accident forms to fill out. In this day and age there are not only heaps of additional admin tasks that need to take place, but now you have to work by strict guidelines as to what information you keep, the relevance of it and how you store it.

We know that although it’s incredibly frustrating having to sacrifice coaching time to sit down and complete additional admin tasks, it’s entirely necessary. The law is the law and it needs to be abided by.

But what if we told you that you could get back the time you currently spend on admin, to spend more time on coaching?

Many coaches who turn to us have being doing their club admin the long and hard way for what seems like forever. They don't realise there's another way until they get in touch with Coacha. Our speciality is helping coaches reduce their time spent on admin so that they can spend more time coaching. So we’re going to tell you about 3 things you can “set and forget” in Coacha, so you can do away with endless manual processes that take up hours of your time.


1. Registers

Forget manually updating your spreadsheet after every session, or spilling coffee on your clipboard. Simply set your ‘classes’ up in Coacha and attach your members. Your registers will then automatically generate for each session.

This means you can view past, current and future registers within Coacha. They are also safely and securely stored in accordance with GDPR. You can also access emergency details from the registers within seconds. Coacha will also generate attendance statistics for you when needed.

2. Subscriptions

The days of cross-matching incoming standing orders with your manual spreadsheet are over. Forget about the dread of realising a member hasn’t been paying their fees for the last 6 months.

Set up subscription plans within Coacha and assign members to those plans. Get the members to fill in their payment details and your weekly/monthly/yearly payment is set up. Not only that, but if the payment fails Coacha will notify you. Then Stripe will try to recollect the payment up to 4 times. If this fails for the final time, you will be notified to manually chase the payment.

You can also check the Money Dashboard for the status on any transaction under any member at any point.

3. Broadcasts

Safeguarding is a huge part of anyone who works with children/vulnerable adult’s lives. Many clubs who arrive to us are using WhatsApp/Facebook/Messenger to communicate with members of many ages. This isn't good practice and it's always something they’re keen to change.

Coacha has been built around the NSPCC’s CPSU guidelines. This means that rules apply depending on the member’s age:

- Under 13 – The broadcast is sent directly to the Next of Kin (NOK)

- Between 13 and 18 – The broadcast is sent to the member with the NOK copied in

- Over 18 – The broadcast is sent to the member directly

If you have vulnerable adults within your club, there is the option to tick the NOK as the primary contact. This means that all communication is diverted to the NOK. You can also add a safeguarding moderator which ensures they are copied into all emails to minors.

All of the above being taken care of means you don’t need to worry about making a mistake with who you can and can’t contact. Sending broadcasts through Coacha will also ensure you have a record of all communications sent within one safe place.


Try Coacha free for 30 days

If you feel like you’re finally seeing a light at the end of a very dark, admin-orientated tunnel, what are you waiting for? Sign up to a free trial with Coacha, there are no obligations and no card details required. Just take a look to see what you think. And if you like what you see, get in touch and we’ll go from there. We even do a free club set up. What have you got to lose?


‘Coacha revolutionised my program administration and saves me time and money.’

Sarah Watkins - Program Direction - GCA Cheer