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5 New Years’ Resolutions for successful sports club owners
08 January 2020

5 New Years’ Resolutions for successful sports club owners

January 2020 update

Happy New Year! This blog was so popular last year that we thought we'd bring it to your attention again. Here are 5 New Year's resolutions for sports clubs owners.

April 2019 Update

If your New Years' Resolution was to get your club admin in line this year and you're USA-based, you may still be struggling. We're super excited to announce the launch of a new club membership database software in the US. We're not far from US launch now and anyone who's interested in a free trial can head here. If you have any questions about Coacha and how it will help your USA sports club/how it's different from the rest, please get in touch!

It’s almost that time of year. We can almost see the ‘New Year, new me’ posts flooding our timelines. We honestly love the prospect of a fresh start at New Year. Humans love the idea of ‘starting fresh’ and ‘wiping the slate clean’. What’s more inspiring than a brand-new year? ‘Start the year as you mean to go on’ they always say. And we couldn’t agree more!

We speak to lots of club owners in the middle of the year. They sometimes say they're waiting until the start of next year before they make any major changes to their club. We get it, we all look forward to a break over Christmas. Time to de-stress, recuperate and think about getting your life together. Now that the time is here, where do you start?

We’ve put together some resolutions we think would be perfect for someone in your shoes.


1. Set your club some targets

What are you focusing on this year? It could be club growth, an increase in income or specific member’s progress. Whatever it is, make sure you have something you’re working towards, so you can measure if what you’re doing is successful.

Remember, you set your own goals. There’s no right or wrong.

2. Nail down your club admin

Been messing around with spreadsheets/incompetent systems for some time now? Now’s the time to make a change. Get your club on board with a sports club management software that truly cares about its users. One that can make a genuine difference to the way your club is organised.

This will save you so much time, stress and money.


3. Fuel yourself right

Being a sports club owner/coach means early mornings, long days and late nights most weeks. We know you wouldn’t change it for the world, but make sure you’re fuelling your body to be able to cope properly. Drink lots of water and lead a healthy lifestyle.

4. Be mindful

Early mornings and late nights can take its toll after a while. Practicing mindfulness can help you be present in the current moment and react rationally to situations going on around you. Mindfulness can help everyone, whether suffer with anxiety or not. Give it a try. We use an app called Headspace, where you can undertake short sessions of meditation for beginners, novices and experts.

5. Be easy on yourself

This is easier said than done. We all have personal/professional goals to achieve. But the thing is, when you’re working, making time for family, trying to maintain a social life, running a sports club and trying to give your all to everyone else apart from yourself, you can easily lose sight of your own goals.

Make a note to keep track of where you are with your own goals so you don’t let yourself fall behind. And go easy on yourself. Running a sports club on its own is tough work. Never mind with all your other commitments too. You’re doing an amazing job and make sure you regularly remind yourself of that.

We build such great relationships with the club owners that we work with. If you’re not one of them yet, we’d love to welcome you on board with Coacha.

If you’re looking to sort your out your sports club admin, sign up for a free trial and let us set your club up for you. And make sure you get in touch with any questions!