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What does ‘Create Great’ mean?
03 January 2019

What does ‘Create Great’ mean?

First of all, Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are arriving into 2019 full of motivation and ambition. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that Coacha now has a little tag line: ‘Create Great’.

We thought we’d tell you what it’s about.

Coacha’s main aim has always been to help coaches and club owners save time on admin, so they can spend more time doing what they love; coaching.

Our entire team is full of sports coaches. We’ve been the new, shy, wide-eyed child who stood at the back of class; the struggling early teen who wouldn’t have stuck at their passion if it wasn’t for their coach; the thriving athlete, winning medals, competitions and the respect of other athletes and coaches; and now we’re on the other side, as the coach.

We know first-hand just how influential and important coaches are to their athletes, and we want to allow you to focus more on ‘creating greatness’ in yours.

Create Great was founded on the principle that every high-level, well-known athlete in the world has a coach (or coaches) behind them, that helped them get there. From famous Footballers like Ronaldo, to Basketball players like Michael Jordan, to Boxers like Mike Tyson. These names are known throughout the world, but the unsung heroes in the background are the coaches that nurtured their talent, gave them the opportunities and helped them on their way to greatness.

The truth is, when you coach, you don’t just instil skill into the athlete, but the will to win, the drive to become the best they can be and the understanding of how to get there.

Create Great is all about that feeling when;

The shy little girl who wouldn’t speak or participate in her first few weeks of your class just received her first grading with distinction and is happy-dancing with her new club-friends.


A young athlete who is becoming frustrated with lack of progression, perseveres with your help and support and ends up being selected to compete nationally.


You see the joy on the faces of the team of misbehaving teens that you’ve worked incredibly hard to keep on track, after they win their first match.

And when;

The guy who you know has been dragging himself to training, overcoming many obstacles every night for the last year, gains his new belt in front of the rest of his team.

Create Great is simply instilling your knowledge, passion and encouragement in your athletes, to make them as ‘great’ as they can be. Our goal is to give you more time to do that.


Using Coacha, we really believe we can diminish that pile of admin, so you can spend more time ‘creating greatness’ in your athletes; in both sport and life.

To start gaining more time to create greatness in your athletes, click here to sign up for a free trial.


‘Coacha revolutionised my program administration and saves me time and money.’

Sarah Watkins - Program Direction - GCA Cheer