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Your Kindness Stories – Co-Founder Chris’ Story
08 November 2018

Your Kindness Stories – Co-Founder Chris’ Story

When the idea of #BeKindForCoacha was first pitched to our co-founders, they loved it, Chris especially. Being modest, Chris would never boast about the things he regularly does to help others. Luckily, we can do that for him!

2018 has seen Chris take on some of his toughest challenges yet, in both Martial Arts and athletics. Chris has last month gained his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt, after over 7 years of training nearly every day of the week. Chris already has black belts in a number of other martial arts but insists this journey in BJJ is proving more demanding than any other. He is very happy to take another step up the ladder.


Coacha Co-Founder Chris

However, on top of the demands of training, he’s also dedicated the month of November to fundraise and help Movember Foundation raise money to reduce the rate of male suicide. The challenge is to run 60km in the month of November. Chris is determined to raise as much as possible and run as far as possible, and as of Today (12th November), Chris is 2.14km off reaching the whole month’s target of running 60km. He’s also hit his second fundraising target of £500 as of today. Who knows just how far he can run in the whole month, but we’re sure you will join us in supporting his efforts for this brilliant cause. Click here to see Chris' journey.

Every year in December, the food donation boxes arrive in your local super markets to help feed the homeless and needy during the Christmas period. You’ve seen them, you may even donate yourself. Every year, Chris always makes it a priority to go and do several large food shops and donates the entire contents of the shop to these causes often to the surprise of those collecting!

With his thoughts focusing around those less privileged, especially over the Christmas period, he believes this is only a small thing he can do to try and make a difference to others’ lives.

We’re so proud of the fundraising Chris has achieved, the whole Coacha team hopes that he can inspire others to do something kind this Christmas!