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Who to follow in sport: A social media special – Part 1
28 September 2018

Who to follow in sport: A social media special – Part 1

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives of social media; addictiveness, unreal expectation when it comes to body image, safeguarding aspects and so on. Even we have admittedly be known to roll our eyes at the term ‘social influencer’, but the fact of the matter is, this is the world we’re living in now. And although we tend to initially associate social media with negativity, there are some pretty awesome things to come out of it in our opinion.

We’re talking all the really cool, useful and informative accounts that we end up following over time. The ones that inspire us to do better, whilst providing us with motivation, helpful resources and tips we didn’t know we needed.

We’re always mentioning certain accounts to our users when they call us, we thought it was about time we put them all together for you to have access to and take inspiration from!



UK Coaching

Who are UK Coaching?: Said to be “taking the lead in coaching excellence”, UK Coaching are a sports coaching organisation that are inspiring a “happier and healthier nation”. Their main focus over the last few years has been getting kids off the sofa to lead more active lives.

What to expect: They’re always posting motivational stories, useful coaching tips, resources and events!

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Sport & Recreation Alliance

Who are Sport & Recreation Alliance?: These guys (& girls) are known to be the “voice of the sector to government, policy makers and the media”. They additionally provide members with support and guidance. They produced the free GDPR in sport documents that Sport England made available earlier this year.

What to expect: They put on lots of useful workshops and share inspiring posts and facts. They have some great campaigns like their ‘Right to be Active’ campaign that educates and helps raise awareness of certain aspects of sport. Screenshot of one of their posts

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Connected Coaches

Who are Connected Coaches? With a belief that any activity makes local communities better places, Connected Coaches is a community that literally connects coaches. It’s a platform for coaches to discuss/read/post articles/share videos/get advice.

What to expect: Connected Coaches is a fantastic resource as due to the variety of users in different sports, there is so much information available. Whether it’s getting involved in a discussion, wanting advice from other coaches or just keeping up to date with their latest blog posts, you’ll come away having learnt something.




Rob Maye

Who is Rob Maye? As well as being a thoroughly nice chap, Rob is the Community Manager for Connected Coaches.

What to expect: We love following Rob because he always shares helpful, insightful, need to know coaching resources. From coaching tips & workshops to safeguarding children in sport, you’ll welcome Rob’s tweets onto your newsfeed!




Building from the Ground Up (BGU)

Who are BGU? Those of you in Cheer won’t be unfamiliar with BGU. They are teachers and trainers of Cheerleading coaches. Operating all over the world, including Spain and Canada, they are a well-established training provider and authority within the Cheer world.

What to expect: BGU are known for sharing helpful resources with their followers, links to upcoming events, promotions, discounts and even motivational videos from their training sessions.

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British Cheer DAD (BCD)

Who is BCD? BCD work hard to bring you all the new updates in the Cheer world!

What to expect: From helpful articles & inspirational videos to sharing funky new cheer accessories, BCD fills your newsfeeds with glorious, helpful, cheer-related posts!

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Liberty Athletic

Who are Liberty Athletic? Liberty are the go-to company for high-quality and affordable cheerleading uniforms, dance wear and apparel. Their simply stunning designs ‘wow’ at every event, whether local or international.

What to expect: Liberty Athletic often share really lovely images of Cheer/Dance teams in their stunning uniforms, interesting cheer articles and even sponsorship opportunities. Their posts are bright, sparkly and a pleasure on the eye!

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Cheer from Head to Toe

Who are CFHTT? CFHTT is the UK’s number one cheer blog!

What to expect: There isn’t much that CFHTT aren’t posting about! If it’s going on in the cheer world, they’re all over it! Following CFHTT will certainly fill your social media accounts with all the Cheer information you need!

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The 5k runner

Who is The 5k Runner? The 5k Runner is an awesome blog written by a triathlete.

What to expect: The 5k Runner shares all things running, cycling, swimming and endurance sports technology. His photography of all things sporty is just the cherry on top of an already awesome cake. If you’re interested in reviews on the latest smart watches or blog posts about this week’s Parkrun, this is your man.

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The Garmin Man

Who is The Garmin Man? Garmin chose this guy to help with digital vision and photography and since then he’s been on quite the journey. Deciding to push himself, he set a goal to run 1km for every ‘like’ received on a post on Garmin’s Facebook page. When the tally reached 993 likes, the goal was set, aiming to run 33km per day, whilst living everyday life being a Dad and a full-time mechanic.

What to expect: The Garmin Man, or Drew Willis as he’s better known’s social media accounts are a platter of motivation including medals, finishing lines, stunning running scenery and not to mention an awesome beard.

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The Welsh Runner

Who is The Welsh Runner? Matt is an ASICS front runner, running coach and Science in Sport ambassador. He’s documented his ‘ups and downs’ of running since he started back in 2015 with a new years’ resolution of getting fit and coping with the stresses of life!

What to expect: Matt’s posts make us want to get off the sofa and into our running shoes! He’s out in all weather, leaving us with ‘it’s a bit chilly’ as a pathetic excuse for not getting out… If you like seeing people’s running stats, working towards personal race goals (including many, many marathons!), seriously cool running trainers and some awesome work with ASICS (including their new ‘blackout track’ – the running track for the mind …how cool?!), then Matt’s definitely your guy.

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Fudgie Runs

Who is Fudgie Runs? Another ASICS front runner, James Thomas has gone from ‘non-runner’ to ‘running mad’ in 5 years. With his main motivation being to be able to eat unlimited carrot cake, we think James’ motivation to keep bettering himself is, well, awesome.

What to expect: No matter what the weather, you can expect all the motivation you need in order to peel yourself up and get yourself out. With his inspiring weight-loss progress pictures over the last few years and running travels all across the world (including marathons, halfs & more) your feeds will absolutely be full of colour and enthusiasm.



Women in Sport

Women’s Sport Trust

Who are the Women’s Sport Trust? This charity helps to raise visibility and “increases impact” of women’s sport.

What to expect: Lots of really cool news and media coverage of women across all sport and all things to do with funding.

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Her Sports Corner

Who are the Her Sports Corner? They describe themselves as a “one-stop source for sports facts and news”, enabling women be a part of game-day conversation.

What to expect: This is a colourful, informative and inspiring feed filled full of stories and helpful tips for women in sport.

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This Girl Can UK

Who are This Girl Can? This Girl Can are helping and celebrating every single type of woman doing their thing in sport.

What to expect: These posts are hugely inspiring, sharing posts from women all over the UK as they proceed to ‘do their thing’ in sport. You can expect to see lots of heart-warming and motivational stories and posts of mums crossing the finish line, improving mental health and much more!

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We started writing this article intending for it to be one piece. Then we realised that we have so many great, inspirational and motivating accounts to share with you, we couldn’t fit them into one post! Look out for part 2 coming soon!

And whilst you're here, make sure to follow us on our accounts to get more updates on articles like this!

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