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GDPR & Coacha – a message from our founders
25 May 2018

GDPR & Coacha – a message from our founders

We thought it would be a good idea to give you an update on Coacha and let you know our thoughts on GDPR as it stands.

With GDPR coming into law, we’ve seen a huge increase in people contacting us with concerns about making their sports club GDPR compliant. Our message has been quite simple: Don’t panic.

Our team here at Coacha HQ have been well-versed in the requirements of GDPR, from our brilliant support team to our development bods, everyone is GDPR-focused now. Although we are not a legal team, if you are unsure about what you need to be doing or how Coacha is going to help you, just give us a call.

But we would like to re-iterate one important point about the GDPR deadline, all you need to have done is show that you are taking positive steps towards compliance. By using Coacha you are doing just that!

If you use Coacha already, you are already a step ahead. By taking action and getting on board with Coacha, you’ve started your journey towards GDPR compliance. If you’re not on board yet, let us know and we will help you get set up. Using Coacha is a huge step in the right direction towards compliance and it will impress anyone who asks you what you’re doing about GDPR.

It was an epic task taking the GDPR guidance from the ICO and implementing it into Coacha. To our knowledge, no other sports club software provider has gone to the same lengths that we have to accommodate GDPR. Something which we are very proud of, but also something that means we need to get it right.

Our development bods have been working flat out on Coacha since we first launched. Coacha not only helps with ongoing GDPR compliance, but is also packed full of additional new features and functionality which we're adding too almost weekly.

A lot of the exciting new upgrades have been born out of feedback from you, our loyal subscribers. We salute everyone that’s been part of the Coacha journey to date. You and your club members are at the heart of everything we do.


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It’s been easy to forget about why you need to accommodate the new data protection regulations, especially with all the stress of compliance and threat of fines the press keeps focusing on. Please remember that by using Coacha you’re getting both your data and your data processing in order. This means you are empowering your athletes and enhancing their rights as individuals to have more control over their data. Which is a huge achievement and something to be proud of.

As co-founders, why have we put the time and money into accommodating GDPR if our competitors haven’t? The answer is simple.

Gone are the days when sports clubs could feel exempt from the rules of other businesses, even if they are not-for-profit, and as sports coaches ourselves we know that it’s essential for sports clubs to get on top of things like GDPR. If you’re anything like us, you probably have enough on your plate already, so having to comply with GDPR is another item on your to do list. As with everything we do here at Coacha, our focus is on making your life easier and our GDPR functionality will greatly reduce the amount of work you have to do to make yourself compliant.

By using Coacha now you are proving to yourself, your members and anyone who asks, that you’re taking positive steps, well leaps, towards GDPR compliance.

This is where Coacha comes in, but why is so brilliant for GDPR? Well we’ve specifically built in GDPR rules and features that will help with your club’s GDPR compliance – not just now, but for as long as you use it. These features will eliminate a lot of the future work that will come about because of this new legislation.

Coacha will help you, your members and your staff with GDPR with some of the following features:

  • Each member will sign specific GDPR consent before their data can be held in your account. If they refuse, they data cannot be held.
  • You can mark your Broadcasts as 'marketing' communications and therefore exclude all members who have opted out of receiving marketing emails.
  • Each member/parent (should you allow them to), will have access to the Member Portal. This is where they can view, edit and download elements of the personal data you hold for them. Meaning you won't need to deal with subject data access requests (unless you hold additional data elsewhere).
  • This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the main features many clubs get on board for.

We are super proud of the vast array of new features that have been implemented.

If you’ve not already seen them, we have plenty of useful articles on this website and a free downloadable guide packed full of useful information. Information that’s written in plain English geared towards sports clubs and also based in part on Sport England and the Recreation Alliance’s own GDPR guidance and documents.

You can access the resources here:

Thanks for reading.

Jason & Chris – Coacha co-founders

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