Packed with features & very easy-to-use

Do away with spreadsheets, folders, inferior apps and cash books. Start running everything
from one piece of software that works anytime, from anywhere. Coacha is
simple to understand from day one and super friendly to use.

Your members are at Coacha's core

From members and their parents to your fellow coaches, you can store and access anyone’s info in Coacha. Securely held on our cloud-based servers, there’ll be no more rifling around in paper folders.

Add people quickly and easily

With Coacha, you can mass import your members, add them one at a time, or get them to sign up through your club's signup form. Super easy!

Unlimited members!

Member profiles give you everything you need to know about your members within a few clicks. From contact details, to notes on their performance. More importantly, we don't limit the amount of members you have in your account!

Emergency information to hand

Medical notes and emergency contact info is some of the most important data you hold on your members. In Coacha, it's just a few clicks away.

Track Skills, Grades & Progression

Monitor any number of skills, grades, badges or progressions. You and / or your staff have the ability to quickly mark new skills, view what skills someone has completed (and when) and manage common skills across different levels.

Member payment history

Quite often, members or parents will want to know what they paid you and when. With payment history located in the heart of the Member Portal, this is a doddle for everyone involved.

Member reminders & alerts

Birthday coming up? Or maybe you need a gently nudge when a grading is due? Our personal member reminders can be set to tell you when you need to remember something.

Manage your coaches, staff & helpers

Your team of coaches, instructors, parents or helpers also need to be looked after. With Coacha, you can easily manage levels of access and staff information.

Coaches' notes

Want to keep your coaches informed of someone's progress? Our innovative Coaches' Notes feature can help. Not only that, but our secure 'Safeguarding Notes' process makes sure coaches are informed at all times.

Arrange your club into groups

If you run a club with grades, belts or qualifications, you can use our one of a kind 'Member Groups'. Arrange your people into as many groups as you want whether age, skill level or member type.

VERY easy set up with 'mass member import'

Have all your data in spreadsheets? Superb - with Coacha's 'mass import', you can add your existing list of members in just a few clicks - setting up Coacha really is a breeze. 

Club signup form

Coacha gives your club its own signup form that you can email to prospective members or pop onto your website. It's a great way to get people into the system and get them training, fast!

Dynamic waiver documents

On the club signup form, we give you the option to add your own club terms an waiver documents. So if you need people to agree to your terms, its now all automated!

Member, parent or NOK logins 

If you enable the option, you get your own FREE bespoke 'Member Portal'. This allows younger members' parents to log in and see their children's info. Your adult members get their own login too.

Safe & secure

We run Coacha in the latest and fastest programming language, and on the most powerful and secure servers. Also all of our staff are Enhanced DBS checked, so we are all cleared to handle your data.

Data protection 

GDPR (EU-UK) regulations are some of the most stringent in the world and Coacha has been built alongside them. You no longer have to deal with data access requests as members can download their own data. No fuss and no mess. 

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Manage money, get paid on time, every time

We all love what we do, but that doesn't mean we should do it for free (nor have to spend most of our life chasing money & reconciling payments!). Coacha is designed to take that headache away.

Easy-to-use Money Dashboard

Managing different types of payments for hundreds of members can be daunting! Coacha's Money Dashboard simplifies everything with a powerful but easy-to-use interface.

Automated subscriptions

Take money for club fees regularly? Now would be a great time to automate things so payments just happen once a month! Coacha partners with GoCardless & Stripe to bring you the very best in automatic payments.

Record cash

You can't automate every payment, but you can record them. With the Coacha Cash Tin, you can instantly find the relevant member and record the amount they paid... keeping everything in one place!

Card payments

Need a member to pay for a T-shirt or kit? You can send them a one-off payment request by email or take a payment right there in the Coacha interface! 

Powerful search

Need to find a payment quickly? Our powerful search facility is simple to use but will instantly find what you're looking for. 

Automatic transaction status

When you ask for a payment, its useful to be in the loop about its progression. With our transaction statuses, you can see in an instant if a payment has failed, is being processed or has succeeded.

Dynamic payment

Do your members ever ask for receipts for payments? With Coacha, these are automatically generated and can be emailed to the member or printed.

Mass payment management

If you need to send everyone a request for a payment, you don't want to do it individually! Coacha allows you to send a mass request to a group of people at the same time!

Payment failure management 

Sometimes payments fail ... that's inevitable.  But Coacha helps you out immediately with retry processes and lets you know as soon as they fully fail.

Reports & exports

Need to give your accountant a full breakdown of the club finances? Coacha can help with a super simple, date range export! simply hit the button and bingo, your club finances are ready.

Manage everything!

Need to void old transactions, see month on month data, check out late payers or missed payments? Coacha allows you to do all this plus see cash vs card data, view subscription plans and more!

Integrated with the best in the biz...

GoCardless and Stripe are the best in the biz for online transactions and Direct Debit management. That's why we are partners with them and are fully integrated with their services.

Get on top of your money management

The days of the cash tin and millions of pieces of paper are over... 

Classes & events & fixtures - help your members to help you

There aren't many sports, pastime or community groups that don't run classes or events of some kind. So why should it be so difficult to manage and arrange your classes? Well with Coacha, it isn't!

Bookable classes & 1-2-1 sessions

Do you run open classes, or 1-2-1's, that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha, your members can log into the Member Portal and book onto these sessions with just a few easy clicks. 

Easy check-in

Our registers are lockable. This means that you can launch Coacha on a tablet or ipad and let people check themselves in. You won't need to worry about whether they can click around into the rest of your account.

Automated registers

When you create a class in Coacha registers are automatically created. So when you, your coaches or even your members log in, they can see what's on straight away!

Attendance tracking

You'll want to know who is attending which class/event. With our auto-sync registers, the data in your club will always be real-time and accurate. 

Unlimited classes 

You are completely unlimited in how many classes or events you put into Coacha! We don't know how busy you are, but we won't limit you because of your efforts.

Permanent records

When it comes to knowing who was in a class and who wasn't, its not just a 'nice to have'! Safeguard your club by keeping accurate records of attendance.

Club calendar 

Coacha automatically creates an auto-synced club calendar for all your members. When they log in, they can see exactly what's going on in your club and when!

Class date controls 

If you have a class that runs at certain times of the year, you can add start and end dates on that class in the class control panel. Great for school terms.

Set venues 

Classes all over the region? Well now you can let your members (and coaches) know where they need to be for each class with our venue management.

Void classes

Bank holidays, missed classes and special circumstances can really mess with your attendance data! That's why Coacha has built the ability to 'void' a class if it was missed for any reason.

Class size limits

Running out of space? In Coacha, you can set your class sizes so that when they're fully booked, no one else will be able to book onto them. A simple, but often needed solution.

Quick add-on registers

Someone unexpected turned up to a class? Coacha allows you to quickly add them to the register without having to mess around with your class settings, saving you valuable time!

Coacha-Fixtures-Events-Software 02
Fixtures, games & availability

Field full teams or squads with your best players and never forfeit a game again. Invite the players you want and watch their responses come in. Select your team(s) and let Coacha notify everyone.

Coacha-Fixtures-Events-Software 03
Set up competitions

Coordinate everything in Coacha from squad selection through to sending out details of what people need to do or bring. Complete with directions, links and reminders, Coacha helps take the stress out of organising any comp.

Coacha-Fixtures-Events-Software 09
NO MORE – game forfeits

There’s nothing worse than forfeiting a match or game. Coacha’s real-time availability info means you can invite more people whenever you need no matter how last minute it may be.

No more paper registers

Take registers in the palm of your hand or at the front desk

Get the message out there!
Communication is key after all

Keeping your members in the know is all about communication. Tell them about events, new classes, new kit or just checking in with a newsletter. Coacha gives you the tools to easily keep everyone in the loop.
Email Broadcasts

Our Broadcast builder allows you to create stunning email broadcasts (including UNLIMITED templates) that you can send out to your members, NOKs, parents and staff in just a few clicks.

Send SMS*

Not everyone checks their email and sometimes important messages don't get through! That's where our SMS integration comes in. 
*SMS only available in the UK currently 

Combined Broadcasts

If you want the message to get there by all methods, you can select to send via SMS & Email at the same time, with no extra steps. A real time saver!

Send to the right people

With Coacha, you can customise who you send your message to with ease. Send to just your coaches, to everyone in a certain class, to a specific member group or to everyone... you're in control.

Child protection built-in

We believe that software should help to protect children from unwanted messaging. We have built-in automatic features that include copying NOKs or parents in on messages, plus much more.

Message history

Need to see what you sent to who in the past? Coacha maintains a full broadcast history so that you can see what you sent to who in seconds.

Club message board

Get the message out there immediately with a club message board right on the Coacha dashboard. With control over messaging for both staff and members, when they log in, they see exactly what they should.

High deliverability

We use the best email service in the world to date. We have a full management program running in the background to monitor bounces and failures.  You can trust that if it can be delivered... it will be!

Email attachments 

Many of our clubs produce material they want to send on an email. From kit lists or joining instructions, to event fliers. With Coacha, it's easy to attach a document to your broadcasts.

Stay in the know

Coacha informs you of certain actions that happen in your club. If a new person signs up, someone amends their info etc., you will always be  informed with enhanced notification control.

Private and secure

Your messages run through secure and private servers and are never exposed to the public domain. Send your messages safe in the knowledge that they are going to the right place.

Industry leading partners

We partner with the best SMS service in the UK provided by TextLocal. Great rates and high deliverabilty are ensured.

Broadcast features galore! 

Send the right message to the right people with Coacha's texts and emails

We aren't done yet! 

There are loads more features in Coacha that make your life easier. Here are just some of the other features that you can use to make your admin a breeze. 

Club dashboard 

As soon as you log in you are presented with everything you need to know, or do. Today's classes, latest notes and quick action buttons help you get everything done.

Advanced stats

With a customisable stats section you can see the data that's most important to you. This means you can monitor your club's performance, both financially and in terms of attendance.

Club reports

Maybe you need reports and data for board meetings or end-of-year discussions? Or you need to discuss figures with staff and member? Simple - export quickly and easily with advanced reporting tools.

Notification centre

Save time and reduce errors by viewing important info at a glance. See at a glance notifications of new pending members, whose missed payments, whose cancelled a class, session or event, plus much more.

Notification controls

Streamline admin with full control over notifications. It's as simple as ticking a series of boxes that meet your own personal requirements.

Club branding*

Just think the kudos having your own branded software and Apps will bring. Give your members the ultimate and most personal experience possible. (*Coacha Custom Plan only)

Store club documents 

Convenience for all by keeping your documents centralised and in one place. Insurance documents, H&S certificates, qualifications and waiver templates can all be stored in your Coacha account.

Mobile friendly

Not everyone wants to download Apps (Coacha’s are free btw!). That’s why we’ve made sure that when logged in on any device, you, your members and your staff still get the ultimate user experience.

Industry-leading support

Not that we want to boast, but our support team are simply the BEST! When you contact us, you can relax knowing that we will resolve any questions or issue you have.

Add your logo & colours to Coacha's Apps

Would you like to be able to fully brand Coacha with your own logo and colours so it looks like Coacha is yours? Well, now you can with the Coacha Custom Plan! 

Plus, the ability to send invoices, personalise system emails, turn features on and off and have your own dedicated Account Manager. 

Membership Management Apps & Software for any type of club, organisation or society.

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