Things to consider when re-opening your sports or passtime club

It has been a long few months but with the recent announcement by the government regarding a return to sport, you can now begin gearing up for re-opening your club. This article will help you identify some of the things to consider in your plans & helpful links to UK Government Guidance, Sport England and Club Matters.

Planning & Procedures first ...

We all just want to get back to training, however, there are things we need to get in place before opening our doors. These things are vital and will help to show the government (and your insurance provider) that you are taking the necessary measure to protect your members against Coronavirus.

 Before you begin planning your class schedules or assigning coaches their tasks, you will need perform various assessments. These can include risk assessments, inclusivity assessments, health and safety procedures, cleaning and hygiene procedures and more.

You can find a complete set of resources for this process from Club Matters in association with Sport England. 

IMPORTANT: you MUST have a method of Track & Trace

Some type of Track and Trace measure is explicitly mentioned in both the Government and Sport England Guidance. You should have something in place to enable you to know who a member has been in contact. You NEED this in place before your re-open!

Many Gyms are thinking about using paper sheets for people to fill in and sign when arriving at the gym or place of training. However, this creates a unique set of problems for your hygiene and social distancing rules.

However, using a digital system like Coacha eliminates this issue completely. You can hold your member data, track attendance and see who has been in contact with who in just a few clicks or taps. So there's no need for people to touch paper or pens when taking these records.  

These track and trace features are present in both the Full & Lite (FREE For Life) versions of Coacha.  See at a glance, 21 day records of who anyone suspected with having Covid19 has come into contact with at your club, download this data and hand to the authorities should you need to. Coacha makes this process simple and effortless.

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Communicate clearly with members and staff

Your members and staff need to be completely clear on your plans, scedule and any new rules that are in place in your location(s). It may be worth having a coaches meeting (socially distanced of course) to outline, with clarity, what their role will be in protecting members, and the general rules of the club. 

Secondly, you will need to inform the club members of how they can expect classes to be run, discuss rules on hygiene and social distancing, who to report illness to, and how to handle cases of illness should they arise. 

The more information people get from you, the safer they will feel about returning to training. With a comprehensive Broadcast System (email & SMS), a bespoke Member Portal, and a Virtual Club Noticeboard, Coacha has your comms covered...


Club Hygiene & Cleaning

One of the big tasks to consider in your return to training is hygiene. Getting your processes for club and personal hygiene clear before you open is absolutely vital for any club to run smoothly during this time.

There should be cleaning schedules set up so that everyone knowns who is responsible for cleaning up after a class.  Most of the time this will be a coach and they may need some training to ensure they are cleaning to the standards expected. 

However, this part of your planning needs to include guidance for members. They should know precisely what is expected of them from a personal hygiene perspective and any specific rules that you have introduced ( like washing hands or using hand sanitizers before and after class) to help to protect them.

By adding these rules and procedures to your club’s documentation (Ts&Cs for example), Coacha will instantly notify your members of your update. They are automatically asked to read and agree to these updates. All fully automated so you don’t have to lift a finger.


Get your social distancing rules and measures in place NOW

The Government Guidance is clear - we must attemp to maintain robust social distancing measures in our return to sports.

The best place to look for guidance on this is from your NGB or appropriate alternative. Indoor sports are taking some of the following measures to enable their return while adhering to social distancing, some of which you may wish to consider:

  • Marking out the floor with specific training sections for athletes
  • Only allowing a specific number of athletes into the location at any one time.
  • Creating a ‘one way’ system in their locations to avoid class cross overs at the start or end of training.
  • Leaving time at the start or end of sessions for a change in members and for hygiene and cleaning procedures

    Refer to your NGB or similar for specific measures for your sport.

Contactless or automated payments

One of the ways gyms and sports clubs are being asked to alter their usual practices is through adopting the use of automatic payment methods.

The transfer of COVID19 on surfaces is a big concern, especially if you are taking cash. In order to eliminate this danger, you should set up cashless payments. Coacha allows you to do this online, sending members emails to complete payment. Much better than taking cash or using a card machine at your location as it's 100% contactless.

This is a great opportunity for you to get your club finances automated and running smoothly, and maybe even save your club some money at the same time?

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