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Your Questions Answered: What to do if a member/parent responds to the same payment request more than once?
16 November 2017

Your Questions Answered: What to do if a member/parent responds to the same payment request more than once?

UPDATE – 16th JANUARY 2018: We’re pleased to inform you that, due to a recent update, it is no longer possible for members/parents to complete payment/subscription requests more than once. Going forward, this will eliminate confusion for your members/parents, and some of those additional tasks for you and your coaches.

If, however, you’ve had a member/parent set up a duplicate payment/subscription prior to this update, please read on to learn how to resolve the issue.

We love spending our days helping our lovely club owners with their queries. Every now and then, we speak to one of you with a question that we’ve not had before that gets our brains ticking, and it’s made us want to share how we resolved it in case another user has the same issue. For this reason, we’ve decided to do a weekly post with your questions answered. For the first week of this series, the question is:

What do I do if a member/parent responds to the same payment request more than once?

What?! We hear you ask. How can this happen? Surely they would remember filling in the payment request the first time? We hear you, but these things happen… and have happened… twice… even 3 times! So, we thought, to save you the panic when a phone call comes in saying 2 (or 3/4) payments have been taken, we’d let you know what you can do.

Online card payment

Usually, this happens because your members or their parents may be having a particularly hectic week, or may just be a little forgetful. They’ll fill in your payment request on Monday morning. By Friday afternoon, after a full week of school/work and the million and one other things that pop up, they may have forgotten that they did. So, they fill it in again, just to ensure that it’s been completed. If this happens, then 2 separate payments will be set up and 2 payments will be taken. It’s the same as going into a shop and paying for something twice, or setting up a direct debit twice. If the card details are entered more than once, it’s going to set up more than one payment.

If this does happen and you get a panicky phone call from a member/parent – don’t worry, it’s easily rectified. Also, just to foreworn, from our experience, they may not want to admit that they were silly enough to make the payment more than once. When a double payment is taken, it’s almost always due to the fact they’ve inputted their card details twice.

With duplicate subscriptions, all you’ll need to do is cancel and refund the additional plan. You can do this by signing in to Stripe and heading to subscriptions:


Sports management subscription

Then Plans:

Sports management subscription


Then, simply find the member name, and you should see that two of the exact same subscription has been set up. This can only be done when a parent fills in the payment request form more than once. You should issue the member a refund via Stripe, and then cancel the duplicate subscription so that there is only one subscription left, meaning only one payment will be taken on the next payment date.

With one-off payments, the process is similar. Head to Payments in your Stripe account:

Sports management payments

Find the member name, and there should be 2 of the same payment. As the payment is not recurring, all you’ll need to do is make a refund for the duplicate.

It may be worth mentioning to members/parents that if they fill in the details more than once, 2 payments will be taken. You could even send out a broadcast to keep them informed and hopefully stop this happening.


Coacha email

So, in conclusion, if a member/parent enters their card details for the same payment request more than once, more than one payment will be set up and taken. This is easily resolved, but you could try to minimise the risk of this happening by mentioning it to parents, and sending out a broadcast, to keep it fresh in their minds.

We hope that you found this article helpful. If there’s a burning question that you’d like to see answered in our weekly dose of Your Questions Answered, get in touch!