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Meet Our Team: Co-Founder Jason
27 February 2019

Meet Our Team: Co-Founder Jason

April 2019 Update

Jason is extremely excited to be edging closer and closer to launching Coacha in the USA. We recently asked him 'What's been your proudest moment of being involved with Coacha so far?' and he answered, 'Seeing the instant volume of sports of clubs who were registering interest in Coacha USA, just because of what UK friends had told them. We're thrilled to be entering the US market as an already incredibly established piece of sports club membership software. We can't wait to see what awaits us."

Coacha is very close to launching in the USA, you can direct your US friends here to register interst.


Having such great relationships with all of our users, we find that many of you take great interest in learning more about our team. So we thought we’d let you learn a little more about each of us, so you can put faces to names! We’re starting where it all began.

Jason is Co-Founder at sports club membership software, Coacha and Managing Director at Web Design & Digital Marketing agency, MA Design (Coacha’s sister company). More importantly, he’s incredibly committed to the growth and development of Coacha, specifically in line with users’ needs. He’s also Coacha’s number 1 fan.




Jason grew up in Redditch, Worcestershire, famous for its production of fishing tackle and hooks! He moved to Sheffield to study and gain his degree in Communication Studies, where he both played and coached various sports. Jason leads an active and exciting life and we’ll leave it up to him to tell you the rest!

The Important Stuff

Tea or Coffee?: Tea, always tea.

How do you take your tea?: Builders brew in a pint-sized mug. Leave the teabags in for as long as possible!

What did you want to be when you were younger?: Honestly? I didn’t have a clue.

An interesting fact about you?: I used to own a nightclub!


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What did you do before Coacha?: After I completed my University Degree, I worked as a semi-professional DJ. I owned a night club and toured the world, DJing in countries like Greece and Australia. I also lived in Australia for a fair while.

Settling in Gloucestershire, I then worked my way up a large travel company where I managed the whole studio and worked in print and design. This is actually where I met Coacha’s other Co-Founder, Chris. We both left the travel company in 2001. This was when the Web Design/SEO work that we were doing on the side needed more of our attention due to demand in service.

Where did the idea of Coacha come from?: Coacha was born from the need to ‘scratch our own itch’ if you will. We couldn’t get a piece of software (or combination of others) to do what we wanted in our personal coaching environments. Running a successful Web Design company and having the skillsets to do so, we decided to make our own.

Do you have any hobbies?: Any of the team will tell you that my main hobby is playing loud music. If I’m working, cycling or driving, my headphones will be on and I’ll be jamming away to some dance music. I love cycling into work, anything DIY-related and am a keen Podcast listener. We actually had our office refurbished in Summer 2017 and I built all of our pallet furniture which clients and users now love when they visit.

Your favourite place to get away?: Cornwall has always had a special place in my heart. Closely followed by Turkey.

The very important stuff

Are you interested in Sport yourself?: I’ve played and coached both Badminton and Swimming. I played Badminton for my college team and swam for my county. I’ve also done a fair bit of life coaching.

Were there any other names in the mix, or was it always ‘Coacha’?: We had a few different names floating around for a while including Ongo and Larmar, which is crazy to think now because we can’t imagine Coacha being called anything else.

What’s the best thing about being a Director and Founder?: It’s easily seeing our ideas grow into something that can help others.

What’s your favourite part of your job? It’s got to be hearing that other people find our software as useful as we do ourselves.

What’s the least favourite part of your job?: Not having enough hours in the day. I often wake up in the middle of the night and have to note down ideas whilst they pop into my head. I have to ban myself from listening to podcasts before bed because they get my brain ticking!

What are your ambitions for the future?: To continually help with safeguard children and protect people’s data in sport. And to do this not only in the UK, but globally. This is a very fitting question given the fact we’re just ready to launch into the USA.

Ultimately, my main goal will always be to help our users cut down their time on admin, so they can spend more time coaching.