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  5 signs that your spreadsheets are causing you more hassle than help
11 November 2018

5 signs that your spreadsheets are causing you more hassle than help

A huge proportion of new Coacha users arrive to us spending far too much time on club admin. Many of them having gone around in circles for years. Over the time, they've broken many promises to themselves about finding a new way to run their club. When they eventually arrive to us, they're ready to make a change.

Well-over 50% of these new users will be trying a piece of software for the first time. After years using spreadsheets, their goal is always the same: to get everything in one place.

Sure, a spreadsheet may be satisfactory if your club only has one team and 7 members. But when your club starts to grow, so does your need for something more suitable.

We chat to all our new users and these are some of the frustrations they feel when they decide that it’s time for change:

1. You’re stressed

We’ve heard it time and time again. Your club’s expanding. You’re having to flick between pieces of software/update details on more than one system. You’re juggling your admin with your work and personal life. Loved ones are missing out on your time. Coaches are confused. You’re getting headaches and it’s affecting your day to day life.

2. You’re confused

Things are getting busy. With all information spread across various platforms, if you forget to update just one of them, it can lead to chaos! You’re starting to feel like you don’t know what’s going on, and neither do your coaches.

3. You’re relying on your memory

Members teams, grades, who’s paid, who hasn’t. You’re only human, there’s only so much information your brain can physically retain. You know this is an unreliable way of continuing, but you don’t know how to move forward.

4. You’re letting things slip

A missed update here, a failed payment there; you’re losing time and money. Plus you’re starting to feel like your own club is slipping away from you.

5. It’s tainting your club’s reputation

Turning up to training with a messy spreadsheet that hasn’t been updated just isn’t cutting it. Especially when other coaches can’t interpret it. Members and parents are starting to get frustrated with the lack of organisation, leaving for other local clubs. You’re wishing you had a more sophisticated system that kept everything in one place.

Do any of the above relate to you?

If they do, even if you’re using another sports club management software; it’s definitely time for a change.

Getting users' sports club admin back in control is our speciality. With Coacha, all your information is in one system. You and your coaches can access the system under different levels of access. This eliminates the confusion of switching between platforms and saves you time.

Every athlete has their own Member Profile. Notes can be recorded in Coach’s Notes (which all coaches have access to); so there’s no more needing to rely on your memory. You can closely monitor the status of all payments and let Stripe do the chasing for you if a payment fails. Plus you’ll get notified along the way so you’re feeling fully in control.

Try Coacha free for 30 days

Coacha’s smooth-running features and simple interface has been proven to impress both new and current members/parents. You can have registers on iPads at the entrance of your training space. You can quickly add a Coach’s Note on your iPhone. What ever device you decide to run Coacha on, you'll bring a new level of sophistication to your club.

As well as the elements of Coacha that will solve the above problems, we have superb GDPR and safeguarding features built in. You can know that you’re always keeping your members and their data at the forefront of your mind.

Coacha will make a huge difference to yours, your coach’s and member’s/parent’s lives. But it will also give you more time to do what you actually love; coaching.

Let us set your club up for you, then we’ll hand you the reigns to take back control. Sign up for a free trial and get ready to ask yourself, "Why didn't I do this sooner?".