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You asked, we delivered: the newest Coacha features
22 August 2017

You asked, we delivered: the newest Coacha features

Coacha’s community has been involved in its development since the get-go and we want it to stay that way. This is why, on speaking to lots of our lovely subscribers over the past few months, we have been taking note of their opinions and thoughts and making a list of things we can do to improve ease of use for our club owners and coaches even more. A big thank you to all those who got involved in sharing their thoughts and we hope you enjoy the following new features!

Payment requests

This exciting new feature allows athletes and NOK contacts to make payments from wherever they are and on their own devices. You send the payment request to their email address, they click the link provided and can then make one-off payments and/or sign themselves up for your subscription plans. All you have to do is send the request!

Coacha payment request


New member signup forms

You are now able to allow athletes or their parents to sign up to your club themselves. All you need to do is make the sign-up form available to them, which you can do by sending a link to their email address, and this allows them to fill in their personal details from their own devices. They then go into a pooled member list, for you to review and accept into your club. This could be a great way to operate a waiting list for your club and accept the members when you have the space.

Coacha sign up form

You could operate this feature via email or you could post the link to the signup form on your website and social media accounts for members to find and fill out themselves.

SMS broadcasts

We have teamed up with Textlocal to bring texting to Coacha. If you have changes to classes, new policies or just want to thank them for their hard work and help over the last season, you can now send texts to individual members/groups/parents/coaches/your entire club. To enable the use of this feature, you purchase Textlocal credits and then you can send texts from as little as 2.5p per message.

Coacha sports management


As always, we are prioritising safeguarding, so the same child protection features are in place as with our email broadcast feature. If you are sending a message to a minor (child under 16), the message needs to have a minimum of 5 recipients.


Try Coacha free for 30 days


iOS app

Our free iPhone app allows you and your coaches to access key information right from the palm of your hand. To help make your club admin even easier, streamlined for your convenience, our app allows access to your essential features – registers, classes and members.

Coacha iOS app


Today’s registers will be waiting on your Coacha app so you can ditch those heavy paper records. It allows instant access to important information/sensitive medical data in the event of an emergency – even when you’re offline. Remember the days of paper signup forms? Us neither – you can add members directly into Coacha in just a few minutes.

We hope that you love the new features because we developed them with you in mind. If you have any questions/queries about any of the new features then drop us a line. Or, if you are new to Coacha and feel that your club would benefit from a 30 day free trial, click here to sign up.
Happy coaching!