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The Importance of the Attendance Register with Track and Trace in Mind
03 September 2020

The Importance of the Attendance Register with Track and Trace in Mind

Attendance registers have long been a requirement in sports clubs and recreational organisations, especially if a member of the National Governing Body (NGB). But even if your club isn’t a member of an NGB, attendance registers prove to be of great importance. 

They help you keep better track of players, members and coaches, give you a good idea of how your club is progressing and also how efficient it is.

However with the ongoing pandemic affecting us all and leading us down an increasingly different path – a path where health and safety is no longer just a preference but an absolute necessity – the attendance register gains renewed importance. This is particularly true with the reopening of sports clubs and sports club activities back on 25th of July. 

The attendance register plays a vital role in this ‘new normal,’ and any sports club should be making sure that its attendance registers are regularly updated and reviewed. And now, with tracking and tracing taking on even more vital importance as part of a club’s health and safety measures, attendance registers are getting more relevance. 

Here's what you should know about the real importance of the attendance register with track and trace in mind. 

The new track and trace feature: what is it?
Sports club management software such as Coacha has always been packed with features that allow you to run your sports club in as organised and efficient a manner as possible. 

Software like ours enables you to request payment of fees, send out emails, keep records of member data, organise your training schedules and games and much more. But now, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic and the importance of keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible, a new track and trace feature has emerged.

The track and trace feature in sports club membership software works in such a way that you can effectively and quickly track and trace a member’s information by recording the various training sessions which have taken place in a specified period (currently three weeks is recommended by the government). 

With Coacha’s track and trace feature, you can simply mark any member of your sports club that has reported being effected by the Corona Virus. Once you have done this, Coacha will show you a list of the individuals that the member has come in contact with in that span of time.

The attendance register in relation to track and trace

It important to know that you need to keep any attendance register up to date when it comes to tracking and tracing your members. With the proper attendance register, you can easily and quickly view who was where and at what time and date.

Also you can see whether or not a particular member was at a particular training session, game, event, and so on. The attendance register allows you to amplify your tracking and tracing efforts simply because you can view if particular members were actually participating in an event or session at a certain time or date. 

Once you see that the member was there – thanks to the attendance register – then you can check and trace who they have been in contact with. So it’s quite easy to see if you need to notify other individual members in case they may have contracted or be carrying Covid-19.

It’s easy to over think things when it comes to the Coronavirus – and some of us may well be wary of being too paranoid. But you can never be too careful, and it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry in the end. 

Taking advantage of such tools like these is essential to keeping everyone’s health and safety front of mind. Afterall, your members’ health and safety is definitely a top priority. 

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