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Conduct ‘Virtual Classes’, speak to your members en-masse, and beat isolation
08 April 2020

Conduct ‘Virtual Classes’, speak to your members en-masse, and beat isolation

We at Coacha have been busy rattling our brains to see what we can do to help clubs during these strange and testing times. One thing we’ve introduced which are going down a storm are ‘Virtual Classes’. They’re great to keep everyone motivated and are incredibly easy to set up.

What’s more, the messaging functionality in Coacha allows clubs to keep in touch with people ‘en masse’. We’re hearing constantly that this is really helpful and saves people lots of time when speaking to hundreds, and in some instances thousands, of members on a regular basis.

Another thing we’ve just introduced to help clubs out who are looking at membership apps and software is ‘Demo Data’ to all of our free trials.

What’s ‘Demo Data’?

Essentially, it’s just the basic info that needs to be added to Coacha to get you up and running. We’re continually striving to make testing and evaluating Coacha as easily as possible, and we think this will help massively.

This means that when you login you will see some sample information already added to the system. This is only temporary and is intended to help you see Coacha’s features in action.

You can edit this info and add to it as you like and when you’re ready you can delete all of the data with the press of a button. All your own club’s data can then be added to a blank and fresh version of Coacha.

What data is included?

This generic demo data includes example:

  • Club members
  • Member groups
  • Classes / sessions / events
  • Auto generated registers
  • Several notices on the club notice board
  • Emails broadcasts
  • Payment plans and transactions
  • Attendance stats
  • Member stats
  • And more!

How does this help you?

This will help you to quickly see the power of Coacha from the very first minute that you login. Coacha really comes to life once you have some meaningful information added to the system.

Without this info you don’t get a full appreciation of what the system is capable of unless you add your own members, set up some classes and get the money features all up and running.

You’ll be able to click / tap around the screens as if you have already spent the time getting your own info into Coacha. You’ll be able to see some personal info on individual members, invite members to classes, see what the registers look like and see how the money system works.

Plus loads more.

Why have we done this?

We’ve all been there countless times. You see an app or platform that you’d like to try out and test for yourself. You start the sign-up process and depending on the amount of information you need to give upfront you eventually get in for what is usually a free trial period.

But then what?

You’ll most probably look for those features that you’re particularly interested in and try to see what they look like and how they work. But how many times have you gone to do this but end up looking at a blank interface? Or at the opposite end of the spectrum, simply end up being overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of everything you see on screen?

It must be said that this is one of the biggest challenges in the software and app business.

Therefore, after lots and lots of research and testing, we’ve now added the ‘Demo Data’ into all our free trials. However, if you’d rather look round a blank interface or start getting your own data in straight away, then a couple of clicks or taps remove all the pretend info permanently so it’s never to be seen again.

What else have we been doing to help people get to grips with Coacha?

There are lots of different processes we’re continually refining and adding to. Here are just some of the things we’ve being doing to help make your life as easy as possible when setting you your own club in Coacha:

  • Offer free set ups – by simply sending us your data on a spreadsheet we’ll add everything in to Coacha for you completely free of charge
  • Personalised ‘Tours’ – not a generic demo, but a one to one screenshare with one of our team to take you through those most pressing tasks you want help with
  • A very comprehensive online help centre with lots and lots of ‘How To’ articles
  • A ticketed email support system with direct access to our support gurus
  • Instant chat from within Coacha itself
  • A comprehensive bank of video tutorials covering the most common features of Coacha
  • Telephone support (Monday to Friday 9-5pm GMT)
  • Continually reviewing, updating and improving the User Interface (UI) – that includes the design itself, the sections, the wording used, the icons, the colours, the location of links and buttons … and much more

We really are doing everything we can to help get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

Feel free to use as many of the options open to you above as you like. And if you have any questions or suggestions (we love suggestions btw!) then don’t hesitate to drop us a quick email on