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The Coacha Non-Profit Awardees: Wessex Jitsu Club
31 January 2020

The Coacha Non-Profit Awardees: Wessex Jitsu Club

We’re thrilled to announce another inspiring sports club who have been awarded The Coacha Non-Profit Award. Wessex Jitsu Club are an inclusive, family-orientated club based in Ferndown.

In our bid to help more non-profit clubs in the world of sport/pastime activities, applications for The Coacha Non-Profit Award are still open. Click here to apply.

Now it’s time to hear from Wessex Jitsu Club’s Lead Instructor, Fiona.

About Wessex Jitsu Club

Wessex Jitsu Club was founded by myself, Fiona Shortell, in 2013. We are a not-for-profit Jiu Jitsu club for children aged 6-18 years and aim to be truly inclusive for every single one of our members. Our martial art is a system of defensive techniques which use an attacker’s momentum against them. We compete nationally twice a year and have been very successful winning the ratio shield two years running.

Being a part of The Jiu Jitsu Foundation, our instructors all volunteer our time to teach. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, safe environment where members can learn Jiu Jitsu, learn to respect and eventually teach each other confidence and leadership skills.



The impact we have

As we aim to always remain inclusive, we operate at a cost we know all of our members can afford and always subsidise where we can.

The club boasts a wide range of cultures, backgrounds and special education. Our main focus evolves around treating every single child as an individual, helping support them always. W encourage them to socialise and consider ourselves to have a strong family environment. It’s safe to say the club is a special place for everyone involved.

Not only does our club have a big impact on its members, but also their families. We encourage parents to stay at sessions, socialise and also host social events outside of training sessions.

Our Coaches

Our coaching team is primarily made up of two instructors; myself and Joe. However, we work with many Foundation instructors and specialise in teaching juniors.

The Coacha Non-Profit Award

We applied for the Coacha Non-Profit Award because running and managing a club while you have other commitments (like work/looking after your own children/participating with training yourself/applying for funding in order to keep costs low) is a lot to do and finding time can be tricky. It also enables parents to update their own info so saves both parties time. Coacha deals with a lot of the admin for us, so we don't have to. This helps more than you know.

It also has the added security of helping with GDPR but also allowing quick access to emergency information. This is a huge bonus for us.

The opportunity to be awarded a Coacha license is fantastic for us. As a new mum, things have been a little less organised than before. Also, having previously trialled the software, we knew we were going to find it super helpful for our admin.

Being a not-for-profit club, the free license has helped hugely and will continue to make a huge impact on the club.