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Do you face these challenges?

Athlete injuries

People sometimes underestimate how tough your athletes have to be even though the sport has one of the highest number of casualty admissions in the US!


Broadcasts and Emailing

Managing a team of upwards of 20 athletes can be challenging and trying to organise and inform parents of upcoming events, practice changes and general information is made even harder when don’t see every parent or guardian.


Payments and accounts management

Though your love for the sport and the progression of your athletes can often feel like payment enough, unfortunately that alone won't pay the bills (and sometimes neither do your members!).




  • We have been using Coacha to handle our program admin since September and it has transformed how we do things at GCA. Coaches have their own log ins, we have a tablet on the front desk so the athletes can sign themselves into classes when they arrive, all of the money is handled automatically and we are saving over £50 per month compared to our previous Direct Debit service by using stripe. Above all else it is just so easy! As soon as you get it set up - you are away. We literally couldn't live without it now. Thank you coacha for allowing us to be part of the Beta Testing.

    Sarah Watkins - Program Director - GCA Cheer

More ways in which Coacha is built to help you.


Safeguard Children
Only accessible to authorised coaches and managers, Coacha keeps your young members' data safe, secure and away from prying eyes.
Manage Your People
Personal information, NOK contacts, health records and coach's notes are within easy reach whenever you or your coaching team needs them.
NOK and Emergency
Get instant access in an emergency with the BEST cheerleading software. Important medical notes and contact details are available from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Social and Email
Send bulk texts and emails to your members, NOK contacts and coaches, all the while sticking to best practice child protection guidelines.
Easy Money
Take, track and manage your money. With Coacha you can take one-off card payments, set up rolling subscriptions and even record cash payments.
Simple Performance
From individual member attendance statistics to your most popular classes, Coacha lets you see at a glance how well your club is performing.

Coacha in Cheerleading

Cheer was one of the first sports where Coacha started growing rapidly as a cheerleading membership software. For this reason, Cheer will always have a special place in Coacha's heart And so will all of our Cheerleading clubs that we welcome into the Coacha family. We think we'll always have a special place in the Cheer community's heart too, for providing them with the best cheerleading management tool.

Over the last few years, we've loved working with so many different Cheerleading clubs, as the number one cheerleading software. We've learnt the different types of Cheer they represent, worked with Building From The Ground Up (BGU) closely, attended events and conventions, and saw you and your athletes/clubs all succeed at one of your biggest passions. Over this time, we've gained a whole bunch of clubs who now use our cheerleading management software.

We're always humbled that 9/10 times, when a new Cheer club gets on board with Coacha and we ask where their found out about us, they will tell us that they were recommended by another club. Either that, or they read about us on the Cheerleading Facebook Forum, where people are discussing the best cheerleading management software to use. For us; 2 guys with a big dream of changing coach's lives in sport, who spent years developing a system that has done just that; who have recruited a team who cares just as passionately as we do; this is milestone moment. To become the Cheerleading membership software of choice for the majority of Cheer clubs, over software like Amilia/Amelia software, Jackrabbit Class and Teamsnap is incredible.

You only have to check out our Cheer testimonials to see that Coacha is the perfect piece of cheerleading management software. There are so many other software providers out there like Cheerclass Juggler, Rhinofit and The Studio Director. Sure, we recognise that Coacha won't be the right fit for 100% of Cheer clubs; but when we see you guys referring us to other clubs so frequently, we can only think that it's the go-to piece of software/apps for cheerleading out there. It's come to a point where, when someone asks 'which cheerleading management software should I use?', majority of clubs will refer them to us. We're very humbled by that.

Like all things in life, you don't know if you like something until you've tried it. So, if you've been thinking of giving Coacha a go as a Cheerleading software for a little while now, what's stopping you? You get a free trial, there are no obligations and you don't have to enter card details. Level up your Cheerleading management today.

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