Designed and Developed by Coaches, for Coaches

Our founders are web and software designers as well as sports coaches - a perfect combo!
Not only do we understand what you need, but we know exactly how to design and build it too.

Coacha Comes from a Real Need

Lugging around folders, rifling through registers, searching for information in an emergency, managing various coaches and trying to find parent phone numbers... After trying an app for this and a spreadsheet for that, we thought ‘surely we could build something that does all of this in one?’ And so, Coacha was born...

Self Funded from the Start...

Coacha has been self-funded from day one. That means there are no investors to satisfy and no hoops to jump through, so when we want to improve Coacha we go right ahead and do it. We are a small, dedicated team who understand what you need and why. It's our promise to you, and ourselves, to carry on this way.

Spending Time Talking to the Right People

We’ve spoken to everyone, from coaching experts at universities, through to grass root club owners, national squad coaches and community based organisations. Our goal? To identify the common frustrations that Coacha can help to eliminate; whether admin, legal or health and safety. Coacha's aim is not just to help increase club profits, it's as much about making sure your club runs smoothly and compliantly, and protecting you and your members.

Commitment to Simplicity and Value

When looking around the marketplace for similar software solutions, we noticed two things. One; the products were complex to use, and two; the costs were high (and many of them hidden). We're software designers, so knew that those packages could be simplified without compromising functionality. What's more - why should you be charged for having more members than others, and pay commission for taking money from your members? Coacha's interface is just like its pricing structure; unbelievably straightforward and simple.

‘Coacha revolutionised my program administration and saves me time and money.’

Sarah Watkins - Program Direction - GCA Cheer